The true meaning of ‘Project Grenada”

“Project Grenada” though often referred to, has never been presented with a clearly outlined list of aims and objectives. When a genuine project is presented, the aims and objectives of the project are never a mystery.

Sufficient time has passed and those of us who have been keeping a close eye on the day to day activities of those who make reference to “Project Grenada”, we have a duty to assist the public with unmasking this mystery.

Project Grenada can best be described as an invasion of the NNP by those who were purged from the NDC when they tried to take control of its leadership. Like the Lion Fish they are an invasive species that forces itself into an environment and takes control of it. The motive of this group is to acquire and retain STATE POWER.

The leader of the NNP Keith Mitchell, with his desire to keep this group quiet and to allow him the space to carry on with his reckless style of leadership and control of state power, with no regard for the views and opinions for the NNP stalwarts, is now in bed with this “invasive species” in this marriage of convenience which they call “Project Grenada”.

Aims and Objectives of “Project Grenada”

(1) Grenada is to remain under the rule of the NNP and to ultimately become a one-party state.

(2) Continue to discredit the leadership of the NDC party so as to minimise any opposition to the efforts to create the one-party state.

(3) State control of the radio, television and print media including control of the leadership of the umbrella body to which media practitioners subscribe (MWAG).

(4) Control of independent state institutions established under the Constitution for example the Public Service Commission and the Electoral Office through the appointment of known NNP loyalists to head and even party members to be members of these bodies.

(5) Political influence and manipulation of the day to day management of institutions responsible for criminal and financial law enforcement – the Royal Grenada Police Force and the Financial Intelligence Unit. This control is achieved mainly by the appointment of known NNP loyalists and politically exposed persons to head these institutions.

(6) Strictly ensuring that all economic benefits of the State are distributed first to NNP party loyalists and whatever if any remains will go to the rest.

(7) Under the guise of a strategic alliance between the NNP and people who in the past were strong critics including Chester Humphrey there will be an “unmasking” to reveal their true character, ultimately nullifying them as people of influence in society.

(8) No effort will be spared to ensure that as many youths as possible are at least given a monthly stipend with the clear objective that they will be kept quiet and away from the influence of any anti-Government movement.

(9) The continuation of the long established NNP culture of dependence on politicians by the more vulnerable persons in society for their survival

(10) Strategic NNP influence in the leadership of the churches, business community and the trade unions so as to ensure little or no obstruction or opposition to the work of “Project Grenada”.
Readers should look out for more on the developments with “Project Grenada” as the 2018 election campaign proceeds and the parties to the marriage have to deal with the stress of the campaign.

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