One People, One Country, Our Responsibility

By Clare D Briggs-Phillip

Do you love your friends and treat them well?
Or on them, a life you will tell?
Do you share your break with them, when they don’t have?
Or do you let them go away hungry and starve?

God wants to bring out the best in us,
Give love, care and share, this you must do first.
These negative things will affect us as “one people”
By your actions, you must live right and try to be humble.

Do you love Grenada a lot?
Think about it! Which is your favourite spot?
Keep it clean and tidy, don’t spoil it,
Pick up garbage wherever youreat snacks, play, rest or sit.

We have to take care of public places like our schools, the stadium or the airport,
When you see people vandalising them, tell them don’t, let them take note.
Let’s take care of the locks, louvers and doors,
Even the toilet facilities, tiles and floors

If you the young people really care about yourselves, others and your country, some things you will make your responsibility.
Because your children and grandchildren will have you as their guide, they will count on you to help them live with dignity and pride.

Love yourselves, love others and put Grenada first,
Because we were given this lovely, little land to take care of by the Father in which we trust.
Only when we do this, we can boast and brag,
Since we are taking optimum care of what we have.

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