Brian Joseph disappoints

I usually don’t bother to read Brian Joseph’s proliferation of letters to you, largely because they are too long. And here I hope Joseph will take the hint. If I don’t bother to read them, probably lots of others don’t either. Perhaps he can find a way of cutting out at least 30%.

But I have taken note of him as a good writer and experienced civil servant who is a potential leader.

I made an exception and did read his letter entitled “My Own Testimony” in your February 2nd edition and was greatly cheered to read him describe an NNP politician as a political piranha, an opportunistic, hypocritical Judas “who has now infiltrated Camp Mitchell.”

When Joseph wrote, “he was on the NNP platform praising the very said man he hated when he was a member of the NDC team” of course I recognised that he was writing about ex-People’s Revolutionary Army Captain Peter David.

So why didn’t you call his name, Brian? Now is the time to do so, so as to ensure that one whom some may consider an “unsavoury character” never gets to hold public office. You need not fear a libel suit because you have said nothing that is not borne out by known facts.

So far so good, but then imagine my disappointment when Joseph goes on to heap praise on Maurice Bishop, calling him “the people’s champion”, “despite what the critics may say.” Well, what the critics may say could severely damage the claim that he was the people’s champion.

Would you call the people’s champion a man who destroyed the people’s precious democratic system?

Bishop promised on March 13th 1979 that there would be elections in 6 months. Four and a half years later in October 1983 we were still waiting for them. Would you call the people’s champion a man who rounded up Rastafarians and put them in a labour camp where they were forced at gunpoint to work in the fields growing food for the PRA?

The first man in fact to bring back slavery in the Caribbean since its abolition in 1834? A man who imported electric torture machines from the Soviet bloc and presided over their use on Grenadians? A man who imprisoned thousands of Grenadians without trial?

A man who outed his lighted cigarettes into the flesh of his victims, sometimes up in their nostrils? A man whose wife had to flee to Canada taking his children with her so that he could carry on with his rampant womanising?

It is true that as Joseph says, there were a lot of developments taking place during those short years, but was it not more a case of development in Grenada by the Soviet Union, namely the building of a runway which could easily accommodate military planes if need be?

Was it the Grenada government who paid for all those stockpiles of rocket launchers, guns and ammunition?

And Bishop said the Caribbean must be a zone of peace? There’s hypocrisy for you!

You greatly disappoint me, Brian J. M. Joseph.

Trevor Mitchell

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