An explanation is needed!!!

I am not a Catholic but have a lot of them as personal friends.

Many of them like the new Bishop from Trinidad and feel that he would do a much better job than his predecessor.

I hope so because some people did not seem to remember that Bishop Darius was in charge of the Catholic church on the island.

One of them confided in me that Darius was always absent from the State and their church was in need of a leader.

The same person was happy and glad when it was announced that Clyde Harvey was appointed by the Pope in Rome to lead the Catholic flock in Grenada.

However, I want to warn the new Bishop to be aware of the sheep in wolves clothing including some of the priests who are playing political games.

I don’t need to call any names as some of the very Catholics are suspicious of the one that is often in the forefront as if he is a card bearing member of the New National Party.

I read the statement put out by Bishop Harvey in which he stated categorically that the Catholic Church is not backing any political party or politician in the March 13 general election.

I believe that he is honest and genuine with the statement but others might wish to challenge him and put him to shame.

The Bishop needs to investigate how come he can make such a statement and yet the Catholic Church Choir in Happy Hill appeared on the NNP platform to give support to Prime Minister Mitchell and NNP.

Who is in charge of the Catholic Church in Happy Hill? We all know that the Prime Minister’s mother is a big Catholic. Did she have anything to do with the decision of the church choir to come out and give support to her son?

The people should not forget that Dr. Mitchell’s mother is among the very few Grenadians who visited Rome to have a private audience with the Pope.

I also read in the papers a few times of the nasty thing the NNP did of trying to interfere in the process that lead to Darius being appointed by Rome as the Catholic Bishop in Grenada.

The word on the ground is that a certain priest was given a big honour in order to promote him over Darius to become the head of the Catholic church on the island.

Bishop Harvey, I also understand that a Catholic Priest was called and asked how come the State was not involved in your own appointment as Darius successor.

My Catholic friend told me that the priest had to tell the man that this is something that is not done locally but that only the Pope in Rome can make the appointment.

Some people do not only want to have state power in their hands but see themselves as Lord and Mighty of all things in Grenada.

My advice to Bishop Harvey is to stamp your foot down now and take charge of the church and do not allow anyone including priests to challenge your authority.

The Pope appointed you to lead the flock and no one else.

The Onlooker

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