When the filth of St Vincent contaminates Grenada

In St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), the Unity Labour Party (ULP) are big on election fraud; that is committing it not stopping it.

Supporters think cheating to win is okay, if not a right exclusively theirs. They are told own the jobs, own the party, own the votes, own the government. Literally that is just what they do: they own everything, or better put, they steal everything.

Under the ULP government, in the preceding weeks and right up to the early morning of the election poll supporters are given millions and millions of dollars in building materials, livestock, land, $100 notes, to vote for the dirty party.

People are encouraged to register in more than one constituency and women are told register once in a married name and also in their maiden names. Then to make it even more of a potent rig, fraud is committed at the ballot boxes with extra ballots being stuffed into boxes.

Now that same filth is attacking Grenada. The main opposition party of Grenada in a televised conference said Vincentians are illegally registering in Carriacou to vote in the next general elections in Grenada slated for March 13, 2018.

That, if true, and I have no doubt whatsoever it is, will be well organised by the ULP hierarchy in SVG in conjunction with the hierarchy of the currently ruling New National Party (NNP).

Grenada’s opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleges that officials in Carriacou and Petite Martinique are registering persons not eligible to vote.

The party said no one is listening to their concerns, and took to the media in an effort to get the relevant authorities and interest groups to do something about it.

Party official Claudette Joseph said all of this came to light after the appointment of the new registration officers.

“We saw complete chaos in Carriacou, with a registering officer, to which the party is reliably informed is computer illiterate, yet operating a system which is fully computerised”, she said.

Claudette Joseph alleged that the party now has information that shows that in the constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, a number of Vincentian nationals who are not qualified to be registered as voters in Grenada, because they have not met the legislative requirements in terms of residency, have been registered to vote.

Joseph said when their party made an oral objection to the process with the Electoral Office in Grenada, they were told to let the registration go ahead, and then the party can file an objection after.

Watch out, Grenada, because like-minded governments poison each other’s minds with the filth of election rigging. You will need to be very aware of what will be happening on and after voting day, also the weeks running up to voting day. Because if they are starting early with registrations, you can be sure all the rest of the filth is in the pipeline.

Much of this vote rigging in the Caribbean is the result of being associated with Venezuela, and look at the current state they are in.

Many Vincentians believe that in St Vincent the last three elections were rigged; I am among the believers.

Michael Scrubb

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