Peter Wait, Peter Wait!

Listening to Mr. Charles Peter David the other night as he accepted the offer to run on an NNP ticket for the town of St. George in the upcoming election left me flabbergasted. Not verbatim, this man had the audacity to call on Grenadians to unite for the greater good of the country. He also called on Grenadians to realise that in this period, NNP is the only party to lead this country forward.

Wait a minute Sir, though I heard you, you did not speak to me. You are the last person, Grenadians with common sense would listen to. By your actions you have proven yourself to be a principle-less individual who according to the Zygote-in-Chief will do anything for power.

Mr. David, you are in no position to talk about unity! You have never offered the NDC supporters who stood with you and by you when Zygote-in-Chief dragged your name in the mud, when he frequently slandered your name whenever he opened his mouth.

You Sir, do not know the meaning of unity. You operated without a care in the world that you let people down with your in-fighting skills and with your immediate affiliation with the NNP.

I get it, it is your fundamental right to associate with which ever party you want to. But you should know that it is our fundamental right not to support you and the NNP. It is a matter of choice. If every single Grenadian chose to support you and the NNP then we have lost our democracy. And it cannot be swept under the carpet that you have told NDC supporters for years that the NDC was the best choice for Grenada.

Now you stand on an NNP platform echoing sentiments that your relationship with the NDC is a distant memory. As that may be for you, for others we see things from varying lens. For those of us who loved and admired you, we view what you did as a current memory of the lengths one will go in his quest for that powerful seat of Prime Minister.

We all have dreams and are encouraged to hold on to them as we work towards them. Mr. David, this dream of yours will forever remain a dream. You will never get the opportunity to be Prime Minister of Grenada. It will never happen for you.

You and no other NNP zygote cannot list a single project the NNP has instrumented for the development of Grenada. A few concrete roads, one or two hotels, breakwater projects, oil exploration and the Imani program do not sum up development of a nation. Parish by parish we need to fairly do the math.

The NNP has failed this nation once again and we cannot permit them the luxury to continue failing. Youth development is of major concern. Parishes are without libraries and other youth development facilities.

Poverty continues to flourish with poor families continuing the impoverished cycle. Lack of social safety nets if you are not an NNP supporter and many young women are falling prey to “financial help” by selling their bodies.

Let us take a microscopic look at the health sector. The health of this nation should not be dissected into political sides. When someone falls ill the party he supports is futile as his family tries to seek the best medical care available.

Oh, how I wish that this can be understood by NNP supporters. Better health care facilities will benefit all citizens. NNP has failed us big time with the poor health care services available to the nation.

When the NNP administration took office in 2013, their supporters and the rest of us had great expectations.

We expected that the government they formed will deliver on the countless promises they made to the electorate.

However, as time passed, they failed and many grasped the fact that the promises made were purely campaign promises. Fragments of the administration came to the forefront echoing the sentiment that they inherited an empty treasury, hence their developmental plans could not surface.

We heard that investors were lined up to board flights to land at Maurice Bishop International Airport to begin investing heavily in our economy.

The chief zygote claimed that the only hindrance in the investors’ path was the NDC government. The last time I checked the NDC administration has been out of office for nearly five years and I am yet to hear of those investors landing here.

Oh, I am sorry. We had a few investors, crooked ones I must add. But they did not bring development, they brought chaos and showed up the NNP government for what it really is.

So, Mr. David, the NNP with its failed promises did not convince me that they are deserving of another term in office. And you, sir will not convince me that I should consider the NNP as the only party worthy of my vote.

You see, if the NNP served as a party that cared for all of the people, if the NNP stayed clear of victimisation and discrimination against non-supporters, if the NNP had the people’s interests at heart, if the PM has at least a spoonful of respect for the people in the way he speaks and acts, if you sir, had some principle in your political mannerisms then maybe, the NNP stood a chance at sealing my vote.

In the meantime, the focus is on removing the NNP out of office. The conscious-minded people who want to see our country develop for the betterment of all the people will vote the NDC.

We will vote the NDC because Grenada is crying out for change. I say resoundingly, Peter Wait, Peter Wait, March 13th is your end date.

John Lenin

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