Open letter to Supt. Sylvan Mc Intyre

Supt. Sylvan Mc Intyre
Officer in charge
Community Relations Department
Royal Grenada Police Force
St George’s

Dear Mr. Mc Intyre,

Just about one year ago, officers from the F.I.U came to St Patrick’s to investigate a case of fraud within the Housing department. The officers detained the Housing Officer, brought her to the Union Police Station and proceeded to investigate the case.

From the investigation, the police confiscated truck loads of lumber from different individuals in St. Patrick’s but since then the case has gone cold.

It is alleged that the Housing department within the Ministry of Social Development authorised material for approximately eleven (11) persons to construct houses or to repair their houses.

The Ministry of Finance issued the cheque to the hardware in St Andrew’s, the material were collected but the people who they were assigned to never received the material.

It is alleged, that persons who are either employed or aligned to the St. Patrick’s West constituency office of Mr Anthony Boatswain are guilty of fraud because they signed and collected material which were assigned to other persons without their permission.

It was only when your officers interviewed these persons and the news broke that they become aware that material were assigned to them.

There are rumours circulating within the parish that the case was “swept under the carpet” or become cold because if the necessary actions are taken it will embarrass the New National Party.

The only action that was taken was presumably the suspension of a person close to Mr. Anthony Boatswain but the person is back in action again campaigning together with Anthony Boatswain.

Sir, the police are expected to do their work without any fear or favour but we are suspicious and afraid that there is a cover-up because up to this point no one was charged for the offence.

I am quite sure that if the accused persons were not aligned to the NNP charges would have already been laid.

I am suspicious and concern because the FIU investigated the case and the officer in charge of the unit, his wife is a member of the New National Party and a Minister of government. Are his hands tied?

Mr. Mc Intyre, a young lady’s image and reputation were tarnished. The affected persons have not received any material while the confiscated material are stored probably at the SSU camp in Pearls rotting.

I will be grateful if you can give the public information on the present status of the case in the name of justice.

Justice Seeker

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