My own testimony!!!

Politicians, political guru and party sympathisers who are continuing to glorify Dr. Mitchell and the NNP administration for delivering and bringing development to Grenada, I dare challenge you on those issues.

Can any Government official sit me down on a stool and show me the blueprint, please walk me through and show me what has been done for Grenada over the decades in terms of development.

I want to know where these developments took place from St. George’s in the South to St. Patrick’s in the North and from St. John’s in the West to St. David’s in East.

As the campaign fever heats up leading towards general elections on March 13th, the many bags of lies and deception are being left open for public viewing.

New enemies will be made, good friends will become rivals simply because of one’s political affiliation and as my friend would say “stupid season open.”

The political piranha goes to deliver the goods of “if you vote for me, I will do this and that for you if we form the next government” and those messages are often preached to the political illiterates and the ideology is always the same.

I have listened to an opportunistic hypocritical Judas, traitor is too good a word to describe that individual who has now infiltrated camp Mitchell.

He was on NNP platform praising the very said man he hated when he was a member of the NDC team. It’s amazing how people can change because of power hungriness. Those Whistle Blowers don’t deserve to be our custodians.

I have been trying to put pieces together and I now understand why such unsavoury character is part of the NNP team. They couldn’t sign the Political Code of Conduct that seeks to govern how things should be done for political parties contending the upcoming elections.

Why would any political party allow individuals who are engaging in mudslinging and mischaracterisation of their opponents?

I’m of the opinion that they’re performing the last burial rites because the Prime Minister promised “there will be lots of funerals after elections” and that statement was referring to his political opponents.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and first let’s begin with the Capital city of St. George’s which is often described as an urban city.

St. George’s is not an Urban city but rather a semi-urban city because urban city comes with tremendous development.

The only new additions there has been in the city are the fish market, bus terminus, Bruce Street Mall, Esplanade Mall, NIS building, National Stadia, Port Louis marina, Silver Sands Hotel, and Port expansion.

NNP has been in office for four terms covering a period of (20) years and that’s all the development they brought to the city, that’s ridiculous.

It took almost 13 years to construct a pavilion in Gouyave – this facility can hardly sit a hundred persons – that alone tells a lot about the people holding offices.

St. John’s, St. Mark’s, St Patrick’s and St. Andrew’s have not seen any development in decades.

The most progressive period in Grenada’s history was under the (PRG) People’s Revolutionary Government headed by Cde Maurice Bishop. The construction of the International Airport was one of the biggest projects ever undertaken by any government here in Grenada.

It was a great period of economic and holistic development – Human Resources, Logistics and Mobilization. Progress was on the move.

Not even Sir Eric’s Progress could’ve been compared to what Cde Maurice has done.

Those who lived through that period can testify, despite what the critics may say, Maurice was the people’s champion, that helped transform Grenada.

He reminded me of Thomas Sankara, the assassinated President of Burkina Faso that took the poorest African nation and transformed it into a self-sufficient economy.

Grenada’s transformation is on a go slow with the wrong people at the helm of power. We should’ve been at the hilt of success as a vibrant emerging nation but we’re not.

Despite what took place over the decades, whether it be under colonial rule when we were ceded to Great Britain or when we gained associate statehood, the road to freedom was a bittersweet one. Revolution led to Democracy that’s why we were a resilient people.

I must say it has been an immense experience of struggle towards political and economic independence for the people of Grenada.

It is of paramount importance to every Grenadian not to allow politicians and dictators to destroy, the freedom that our ancestors died fighting for likewise all those that was involved in the process of democratisation.

Grenada hasn’t enjoyed any real development because government executives are more interested in piling up wealth and enriching themselves and their families.

It’s a darn shame to hear our Prime Minister say on national television “there is no rich politicians” how ironic that’s just laughable.

How much people in Grenada get huge Gratuity every four years and Pension after eight years?

And the longer they serve the more the monies pileup – duty free concessions and the list goes on. No one but politicians benefit immensely from these hefty packages.

Laws are always amended, legislations are passed on numerous occasions to give them more privileges to embezzle more. They often enjoy luxurious lifestyles for themselves and their families, they are always getting the better and bigger portion of the pie.

If investigations were to be conducted a lot of politicians would go to Jail but it’s because there is no Transparency and Accountability many of them are hiding behind Impunity.

The political illiterates get the crumbs from the dog bowl. We have a deplorable healthcare, high unemployment, abject poverty and the list goes on.

Government has created an environment that is not sustainable and self-sufficient for indigent individuals to depend on handouts.

Where is the development Government is boasting of? There is so many incompetent individuals holding ministerial positions collecting big salaries from our tax dollars and they are inefficient and non-functional in carrying out their duties.

We are moving nowhere as a nation and that is Testimony because I can testify.

Brian J.M Joseph

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