Hon. Delma Thomas

Minister of Social Development/Housing
Dear Ms Thomas,

I applied to your ministry for material to construct a house a few years ago. Sometime last year I was told that my request was approved and that I will receive the material shortly. I was excited and started making preparation to construct my house and to start making payment.

Unfortunately, I did not receive any material. I was disappointed. I became aware during the police investigation that material were assigned to me but was collected by someone from the St Patrick’s West Constituency office.

I am concerned and worried because a cheque was issued on my name to the hardware and material were issued by the hardware for me but I never received it. My name is recorded at your ministry and at the Treasury as owing government for material but I didn’t receive any. I am aware that the police collected truckloads of the stolen building materials and carried them away but no one has been charged for fraudulently receiving the material.

Since then, material have been distributed to other persons but those of us who were victims of this fraud have not received any material. I humbly request that those of us who were victims of this fraud will receive the materials which were assigned to us before the election.

Material Victim

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