Be One Nation

By Clare D Briggs Phillip

One people, one country our responsibility,
This way, it should be, as we live in love and unity.
The perception and philosophy our leaders should promote,
Unselfishness, harmony, development and continuous growth,

Our ancestors came from the same region,
Our religious leaders declare a consciousness of God emphasising His vision and mission.
Let God be your guide as you evangelise,
His loving service we must idealise.

Be not segregated by our social classes and educational levels,
Nor be caught up in materialism or reckless living which are ways of the devil.
Don’t be jealous of each other or encourage gossip or hate,
Pray to God, seek His blessings and whatever you ask humble yourself and wait.

Further development and self-reliance must be our ultimate aim economically,
If we want to be truly independent and move on successfully.
This will make us financially stable
As we try our best to put food on our tables.

In your occupation, there will be social mobility,
Work hard to uplift yourself. Don’t smear anyone’s character irresponsibly.
We have to be futuristic in our goals and plans,
“No man is an Island.” We have to work hand in hand.

We are all different and diverse,
We must stand firm and put our country first.
Our responsibility is to do whatever we can to develop it, to the best of our ability,
So that our growth and enhancement will be experienced, by all and sundry.

As this is an election year, have clear judgment, each other’s attitude you have to bear,
Because everyone’s choice, to him or her, will be very dear.
Live in love, peace, harmony and glee,
Regardless to which political party is voted “in” to rule you and me.

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