Is there hope for Grenada?

Grenada has been stagnant for far too long in terms of progress, economic growth and development.

For many decades, the various governments have been in and out of power and they have led us on a path to nowhere.

We have a ruling Administration in office that often boast of surpluses and yet the national debt continues to increase by the millions and yet we cannot get a figure from the Minister of Finance all we’re getting is debt to GDP ratio.

Mr PM, please speak the language of the people so all can understand.

Government is being stringent when it comes to rendering onto Cesar what’s Cesar’s. Government is playing Russian Roulette especially with the hard-working men and women who have made tremendous sacrifices for this country, whether it be in private or public sector.

The trade unions are being ridiculed by Government officials for standing up for issues relating to the plight and exploitation of workers. People have rights as afforded to them as stated in preamble of the constitution of Grenada.

Some vindictive and malicious political figureheads are making false claims that others are trying to destabilise the country.

The Prime Minister fails to realise that he is not the “Matriarch” of Grenada, and therefore this is not “dynastic politics” where family members are in control and successors are appointed.

Grenada belongs to the people of this beautiful nation and we cannot allow all those that have fought tirelessly over the decades under adult suffrage to get us where we’re today.

The rights and privileges that we now enjoy today must not be destroyed by the legacies that Dr. Mitchell and his administration want to create here in Grenada.

I will be dammed as a Grenadian citizen, I cannot sit back without saying anything while I allow my country to further fall into disrepair at the hands of repugnant politicians.

Our past and present Governments have been big failures without any doubt because there has been no real transformation of Grenada but only quick fixes.

I will be dammed if we shall continue on that part to nowhere again.

It bleeds my heart in seeing so many Grenadians remaining silent on hot issues that are affecting us here on a daily basis.

To be honest the silence of our people is deafening and if we don’t wake up a generation will be left to inherit huge national debts incurred under the NNP administration.

The majority of our people has really lost the fighting spirit since after the 1979-83 revolution that ended tragically when Cde. Maurice Bishop and others lost their lives by those who were hungry for political power.

I will admit: “Silence to me means compliance”. it’s either you’re with us or against us but Grenadians are complying with what’s happening today.

There is great need in tackling and toppling the white elephant in the room. Why are our people afraid of confronting politicians about corruption and wrong doings?

How can we develop as a small state nation when corruption is hindering our progress?

What examples are we teaching our youths and the younger generations to come who are destined to be the future leaders of tomorrow?

I’m really baffled by all that’s happening and I’m somewhat ashamed of my people to an extent for what they have become.

Political illiteracy has really rendered the majority of our people weak without any intestinal fortitude. Where is the fighting spirit Grenadians, where has it gone?

If our mindset doesn’t change the future for Grenadians will be bleak and hopeless. We need leaders with good leadership skills and therefore we must not support individuals who are not showing those qualities.

With the emergence of so many political parties none of them have a long term economic development plan for Grenada therefore we cannot take them seriously.

I will be frank and honest Grenada needs change but who are the ones that will deliver that change to us?

I personally cannot pledge my support behind jokers who are not cognisant of the fact that Grenada needs innovative leaders with leadership skills that can transform this country – not persons who are behaving like bosses.

Our country has been through enough turmoil and conflicts therefore Grenada doesn’t need opportunistic, power hungry individuals who are out to misuse and abuse this beautiful nation of ours.

That kind of mentality cannot work for Grenadians.

It really upsets me to see so many of our rural towns and villages have been left abandoned by Government because there is no development or transformation taking place.

What happened to transforming rural areas into urban or semi-urban areas?

I’m not seeing none of those transformations taking place, all I’m seeing is road infrastructure.

Our people continue to remain in object poverty with no sign of reliefs and yet our government keeps telling the world that we’re doing so well economically.

We cannot even enjoy the basic right to proper healthcare which is supposed to be a privilege to all citizens of any country and yet we’re still lacking in those areas.

Why do we continue to go to the polls on Election Day? if basic needs cannot be met by our elected officials them who is there to take care of the people’s business?

What future is there for us as a nation?

Brian J.M Joseph

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