Why I can’t vote for Boatswain

Anthony Boatswain has been a disaster and an embarrassment as a MP and a Minister. Since Boatswain became the MP in 1999, St. Patrick’s has become the poorest and most corrupt parish in Grenada.

During his tenure, it has become the norm that only NNP supporters are considered for government jobs, Imani placements, scholarships, vouchers, contracts, road work and safety net programmes.

The office of the Parliamentary Representative, funded by taxpayers’ money, is used as his party office, thereby excluding constituents who are not his party supporters.

Aside from a few pieces of concrete roads, the infrastructure of the constituency is falling apart. Gru Gru Bailey hill is a calamity waiting to happen. The centre bridge in Mt. Rich has been unusable for many years.

The main bridges in Mt. Rich, Mt. Elba, Chantimelle, Chapel and Union can collapse at any moment. In spite of Boatswain’s promise to have the road from Chapel through Prospect and Darvey and on to Sauteurs rebuilt, nothing has been done except yearly measurements of the road.

St. Patrick’s R.C. School, Chantimelle R.C. and TAMCC Sauteurs Campus are falling apart under Boatswain’s nose.

Although Boatswain campaigned under the slogan “we will deliver better healthcare” in 2013, recently, the Mt. Rich Medical Station was closed down.

The waiting time at Hermitage and Sauteurs health facilities has increased significantly since that closure.

The Sauteurs Health Complex is crying out for repairs, with pieces of concrete hanging dangerously over patients’ and workers’ heads.

Basic medical supplies are often lacking at all facilities. To make matters worse, there is no ambulance to serve the area.

In any other country, Boatswain would have been fired or made to resign following the massive housing scandal involving workers from his office.

Instead of having to face the law for all the stolen material, all those involved were quietly moved to other jobs, given government contracts to manage playing fields or advise statutory bodies.

The one thing Boatswain was beating his chest about has blown up in his face. Aware that he has been a total failure, he rushed into the Breakwater project without any planning or environmental impact assessment. As a result of this unplanned work, the coastal areas of Mt. Craven, Mt. Rodney and Mt. Alexander are being rapidly destroyed, especially with the resumption of sand mining in these areas.As a proud citizen of the Historical Parish, I was ashamed to hear my MP say on TV that the planning for the Breakwater will be done afterwards.

Recognising that he cannot seek re-election based on his record, Boatswain has decided that he will have to depend on gimmicks to try and fool the people.

To that end he spent thousands of dollars to stage a mini-carnival last Thursday evening. How can Tony justify this wastefulness while so many of his constituents are jobless, broke and without life’s most basic amenities?

I urge all right-thinking people of St Patrick West to tell him to “keep moving”, right out the door.

John Boatswain

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