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An election is swiftly approaching our tri-island state, many of us are eager to vote for the party we believe will move Grenada forward and or keep it where it is.

We are fortunate here, we can democratically exercise our right to vote. As a young woman, I am excited to adhere to the call of voting. My ancestors fought relentlessly for that right.

Over the past year, I decided to carefully analyse the state of conversations regarding politics in Grenada.

Though sometimes annoying, I listen to radio programmes like ‘Plead Your Cause’ which in my opinion gives listeners a raw take on political opinions.

I have also combed through social media sites and found that the murmur is loud. Social media gives a subtle power to people. A plethora of things are said and shared daily, often behind pseudo names and accounts.

Given the small-mindedness of some of our people, pseudo names and accounts are necessary to safeguard jobs and opportunities for ourselves and our families. The surrogates who openly expressing their favour of the government are safe. They are beneficiaries of opportunities and resources. They do not have to qualify for jobs to land them.

I have observed that with the NNP, loyalty takes precedence over merit and nationality, and that is frightening.

The logic of NNP’s slogan of ‘moving forward’ is laced with insanity and deception. Anyone with enough common sense will agree that in this political climate it is impossible for the country to move forward when only segments of the country get the resources to do so.

Even the blind can see that only supporters of the NNP are rewarded with the tools for movement. They get the contracts for projects, they get the scholarships, they benefit from the $200 help-out, and they are the ones who get the jobs.

If you are a critical thinker as I am, the NNP recipe is a recipe for disaster in the long run. The realisation of effects of excessive borrowing with terms and conditions to be decided after the fact will leave this country financially shaken in time to come.

The greed and corrupt nature of this government blind them to the reality of their actions. Though the NNP zygotes come like tsunamis when the content is spoken against their leader and party, we have a democratic right to call out the government for the poor decisions it has made over the last 4 years.

We need to call them out and VOTE THEM OUT. The focus of movement should be on Grenadians and not on NNPites. It is perfectly fine to create avenues for your supporters, however, as a government the focus should be on all the people of the country.

NNP does not have people at heart. The PM cares about his legacy which if left up to me would be a legacy of a questionable leader who is indecent and selfish. Simple.

As astute as the PM is, he fails to convince me that his intelligence counts for something other than certification. He has had an extensive tenure as a politician, so one would think that he should have a clear picture of the needs of Grenadians.

He has to see that health care is at its worse, that young people are fighting social struggles and are desperate for a way out. He has to be knowledgeable of the fact that development does not only mean the construction of hotels, he has to know the deplorable conditions that our roads have been in for months on, he has to know that it is about time he vacates office.

He has to be aware that the selling of Grenadian passports puts darkness on our nationality, a darkness that led our country to be blacklisted.

The PM is too comfortable. He exudes the demeanour of a dictator who does not see an end to his reign. The power to end his reign is at our fingertips. We have to make it abundantly clear that we have had enough of something that is not working in the interest of the people.

NDC is the alternative and we have to grant them an opportunity to do better. Word has it that the NDC has a better leader in Mr. Nazim Burke and I wholeheartedly believe that he is. He is genuine about his plans to develop Grenada.

We have no sound reason to stick to the NNP. This country does not belong to them, it belongs to us the people and it is pertinent that we take it back. Let us give the stewardship of managing the country’s affairs to the people who we know will have our best interest at heart.

The Graduate

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