The Chinese (invade) invest in Grenada

The Grenadian government is still packed with Maurice Bishop sympathisers. So, wanting to get into bed with a massive communist state does not surprise me.

Bishop, like many students, was full of Marxist ideals, he was turned by the Russians when he studied in London and introduced to the Cubans, then sent back to Grenada to await his calling.

Bishop was no stranger to Eastern Europe and was no stranger to Cuba, he spoke Spanish with a Cuban accent. The Cubans were the USSR’s nominee in the Caribbean, as they were in Africa.

The Russians wanted to take over the whole Caribbean and the Americas, using the Cubans as a front. It was a way of invading the United States without actually attacking them.

All the Caribbean Marxist rubbish arrived in Grenada during Bishop’s revolution, Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent, who assisted Bishop with his speeches and rode about with Bishop in his car as a close adviser. There were many others of varying quality, all wanting to carry back the revolution to their own islands.

The Cubans loved them and they all loved the Castro Marxist system. Many of them, including Bishop, went secretly to Moscow for training. This was to be the start of a creeping cancer, anti-USA and anti-democracy.

Some of the privileged party members in Grenada loved Bishop because he gave those people a better life than their neighbours. Those people informed on their neighbours and were the worst of the worst collaborators.

Bishop imprisoned all the Rastafarians and cut their children’s hair before they allowed them to go to school, locked up many citizens who were simply opposed to him, without trial. Bishop signed almost all arrest warrants. So, for the other half of the population hard and severe times were imposed on them. Those Grenadians that remember good times under Bishop were his thugs and informers and the ignorant who took his little presents of cash.

Now the Chinese government, not Chinese businessmen or investors, have taken it upon themselves to make a development plan for Grenada. They say they do not interfere with internal government workings, but the Cubans said that and they ended up in every ministry and training the police in special techniques of torture and questioning.

I read with interest today the headlines by the South China Post, ‘China set to move into United States backyard with national development plan for Grenada’ and the introduction of ‘Tiny Caribbean nation considering Beijing blueprint produced 34 years after being invaded by US troops’.

The Americans came and they cut out the cancer; they should be applauded. The Chinese are coming not for Grenadians, they are coming for themselves. They will bring most of their own workforce, leaving a minimal number of menial jobs for Grenadians. When the Chinese government invests that amount of money they will expect to be in control, and they will be.

Following Chinese government investment, ordinary Chinese people will start buying up land and property and land and houses will soar in value, putting land and property beyond the reach of Grenadians.

In London, Chinese people have been buying up the housing stock, doubling the prices and then leaving them empty.

Remember the Chinese can also be bullies if you take account of what they have been doing in the South China Sea. They may seem nice but they are not; whatever they do is for themselves with total disregard to everyone else.

They have also been supporting North Korea for years, pretending to help the US with dealing with the atomic missile crisis, whilst actually rubbing their hands in glee because it ties up the US militarily and helps drive a financial nail into their coffin. North Korea would not carry on in the way they are behaving if the Chinese ordered them to stop, but the Chinese love it, so they pretend to be blocking supplies and pretend to be scolding North Korea whilst patting them on the back.

Grenada is a blessed island with its wonderful agricultural prospects, which the government has all but abandoned to follow the tourist path. Tourism is great in Grenada and it is well developed and getting better infrastructure year on year. Beautiful beaches and coves, wonderful friendly people. Grenada really does not need this deal, which is actually the sale of the island to the Chinese treasury.

My real worry is that the dottish politicians in Grenada are way out of their depth in this matter.

Michael Scrubb

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