The Awe and Majesty of God

We should never forget the Awe and Majesty of God. He is far above us and His ways are not our ways.

I believe it may be a genuine effort to help ordinary folks to come to know God, but the dressing up in very casual clothes by preachers, makes me think they have a too casual attitude to God.

When coming into the presence of the King, we should dress accordingly. Throughout the Bible when the Angel came to visit man and woman the reaction was – to be afraid, the natural reaction of sinful man – then the Angel says “Fear not” After all, God loves us, He sent His Son to save us – but still, “the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.”

It is lovely to see how the Cathedral has been restored. The Friday after Hurricane Ivan (Tuesday 7th of September 2004), my son and I visited the Cathedral after having seen PBC, and the destruction of his classroom.

I did not go in, as it was so devastated, but my son took a photograph of the statue of Jesus on the wall in the midst of devastation. For me, that photo symbolised “For lo, I am with you always” – even in the midst of desolation and destruction.

Despite the fact that I am a Protestant, and our church uses the cross without the body of Jesus on it, symbolising “He is Risen”, yet this photo brought me comfort at this time.

At Christmastime, the Awe and Majesty gets somewhat forgotten in the rush to clean house, and store plenty of good food and drink. It is good to celebrate (but moderately – not to make this the most important thing) but we should never forget the wonderful Mystery of the Virgin birth and Mary’s God-pleasing acceptance of God’s plan for her life, to be the mother of His only Son, Jesus.

We should remember that we do need a Saviour for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Those who think they are not sinners, it is because they do not understand about Sin, in thought and in deed we all sin every single day, that is our nature.

There is much talk and movies about Santa Claus. Reason will tell us that ’Santa’ cannot know who is good and who is naughty, nor who is asleep and awake.

Only the True God can know these things. But it is good to know that there really was a “Saint Nicholas”.

What he did was to put money in the shoes of poor people. This was a true act of real Christian charity.

We should never forget the Awe and Majesty of God. “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should change His mind.” Numbers 23:9.

Those who deliberately set their faces against his commandments will feel His judgment – but there is mercy for those who repent and turn away from their sins.

We should not follow fashion of these times we live in. God is not a fashion – He is Always and Forever.

H. Sylvester 

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