Injustice: The neglect of duty (provision of proper roads)

As a taxpayer, I am yet again left totally bewildered by the Grenada government’s refusal to provide mandatory services. These inefficiencies have been brought to the attention of the government on various platforms. To date, taxpayers remain cheated.

The stated concerns of the citizenry are given what seems to be the lowest priority, raising reasonable concerns as to how one’s taxes are being dispersed.

Consequences of the government’s bad decisions as it pertains to roads:

Damaged Property – ball joints, steering racks, rack ends, shocks and other vehicle parts are damaged by the uniquely undesirable decorations of potholes. As a result, these damaged parts significantly shorten the usage of tyres and create avenues for motorists to be charged by the RGPF (defective tires).

Financial Expense – the expenses aren’t limited to a person having to frequently purchase vehicle parts but are inclusive of fines and court fees whilst facing imprisonment.

The cost of vehicle parts is highly ridiculous, particularly in Grenada. Notwithstanding the fact that salaries are insultingly low. In some situations, additional finance is required; when parts shops don’t have the required parts, a motorist has no choice but to source parts from overseas.

In such situations one who is incapable of placing the order has to pay a broker or dealer. In addition to paying for the parts, a motorist doesn’t only have to pay the freight (shipping expense) but also 64% to the government (Customs) plus mandatory port charges.

In the event a motorist is ticketed and is required to go to traffic court, he/she now also has no choice but to get the services of an attorney in fear of being imprisoned by the magistrate for obvious reasons.

Inconvenience – Too many times while travelling throughout Grenada, motorists are forced to stop, drive extremely slow and or wait significant periods. At times motorists have no other option but to switch lanes as the potholes reflect those of an abyss due to their lengthy existence. This obviously causes a backup of traffic.

Danger – While trying to avoid potholes motorists not only endanger themselves but also other motorists and pedestrians. Changing lanes to avoid potholes is always a risky manoeuvre.

Whilst driving many motorists are forced to stop abruptly as some potholes are only visible within a couple feet. Motorists have many times lost control of their vehicles, as many have unexpectedly driven into potholes that are filled with rainwater.

Employment – Due to traffic backup caused by potholes, persons aren’t only inconvenienced but actually arrive at their destinations late. Persons are given warning letters from their employers; a move that maximises the chances of a person’s dismissal from the job or deductions from earnings.

Such a situation causes interminable job related negative effects, as many employers seek references from previous companies.

Sickness – In many instances, pedestrians are given unexpected showers with dirty water collected by these potholes when motorists are forced to drive into them – resulting in flu, ringworms, etc.

The above stated are just a fraction of the consequences these potholes cause.

I wish to take this opportunity to urge the ministry responsible for the roads to relieve the citizens of this distress. Due to the damages caused to many, I am of the opinion that the government MUST compensate for its obvious failure.

My anticipation of contact by the relevant authority, given the reputation of the government, is at an extreme low.

However, as a taxpayer, I expect this negligence to be corrected and that I will be contacted. I am not only calling on the ministry responsible for roads but also on the following offices: The Ombudsman, DPP, Health, Labour, Social Development, Integrity Commission, RGPF and all other relevant bodies.

A couple weeks ago the law took its course; civilians were charged for failure to perform their civic duty as jurors. To my understanding provisions have been made not only for civic negligence but also negligence of public servants!

It seems that in Grenada laws are enforced with great bias! Let’s not allow Grenada to be known for the bad roads and corruption.

I expect a public apology by the minister for the minister’s inefficiency! I encourage the people of Grenada to speak out against all forms of injustice.

Earl Maitland
Grenada Empowerment Movement (GEM)

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