Truth and Righteousness

“Truth is fallen in the streets and (equity) righteousness cannot enter.”

We lie in an era when truth and righteousness are under attack on all sides from San Diego to Soho to Tokyo.

These two are the fundamental pillars of a healthy society. The psalmist asks, “When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The man or woman of God can do four things when the foundational elements come under attack: demonstrate them, declare them, defend them, or die for them. Who would volunteer to stand in the gap in support of truth and righteousness?

What has always been known to be true is being neglected and rejected by those who want nothing to do with metanarratives. Instead they are choosing to craft their own concept of truth and have even transitioned to the stage of post-truth. They choose to compose their own narratives in opposition to the over-arching virtues which once defined cultural values.

In France, the government is passing legislation to delegitimise the concept of logic which is essential to truth.

We cannot reason without truth for error is not a basis for arriving at conclusions. In Chinese philosophy truth and reality are vitally connected and are conceptualised as reality/truth.

Truth and righteousness are twinned. Without truth there is no righteousness and without righteousness truth cannot be expressed but is repressed. Romans 1:18 declares that men in their pursuit of evil are “holding the truth in unrighteousness.” Unrighteousness smothers truth and renders it no-functional or inoperable.

People know that ISUZU JO is lying in his ad and he knows it too. But men nowadays believe that they are telling the truth when in fact they are lying. Fake news is a classic case in point. Evil has become good and good has become evil. Truth is being twisted or rejected as men seek to create a world of untruth for their own distorted purposes.

Examples abound but here are some critical ones: Evolution is being held up as truth when it is impossible in the first place; abortion is justified on the notion that the unborn are not humans – try applying that logic to the fetus of a dog; and finally, the duality of human sexuality is rejected in favour of unisex or multi-genderism.

Truth sounds and smells too much like God for human comfort and so the baby is thrown out with the bathwater. As Richard Leuwenthal puts it, “We do not want a divine foot in the door.” Truth is divine for God is truth. Keep truth out and God will be kept out. Without truth there is no fear of righteousness.

In Aldus Huxley’s terms the acceptance of God’s existence will preempt the enjoyment of sexual promiscuity. Without truth or God the human spirit celebrates its freedom to sample all the dainties of unrighteousness. As one man said to me years ago, “There is no vice that I have not tried.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum while God is the source of truth the devil is the father of lies and so truth does not originate with him. He is also described as a murderer from the beginning. Lying and murder go together for lying denies truth and murder violates righteousness.

By rejecting the truth modern culture is submitting to the devil’s agenda. No wonder we are living in a culture of death. Islamist terrorists boldly declare that they love death under the mistaken notion that a Paradise of sensual delights awaits them beyond the grave.

The only reason why we have not destroyed ourselves as a global culture is because there is still a residue of truth and righteousness left in the world. It may resemble the smile of the Cheshire cat but at least it helps to temper the passions of men and arouse in them a modicum of guilt and shame.

German psychologist, Carl Jung, advised that we should live as though there is a God because he saw the logical consequences of living otherwise.

The current existence of the concept of truth is due to the remnant of the distorted image of God in man, the presence of the church in the world, and the existence of the Holy Scriptures. We still have some light in spite of the stygian darkness which is all around us.

When truth disappears, lawlessness will take over and the Man of sin will dominate. Then men will fully believe the ultimate lie that “Lucifer is god.” The knowledge of evil will then cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

However, truth will only be on the scaffold for a while. In the words of Canadian James Russel Lowell: Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne;

But that scaffold sways the future and beyond the dim unknown

Standest God within the shadows, keeping watch above his own.

Veritas will eventually prevail over vice when he who is the Truth comes to reign in righteousness and the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


Alfred Horsford

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