Transformed Angels of Light and Anti-Christs!!!!

Minister Winston Garraway, on GBN to the point programme hosted by Joseph Cadore on the 22nd Nov 2017 corrected a caller who said Satan is the angel of light.

Minister Garraway said Satan appeared like the angel of light. The King James version of the Bible states, Satan is transformed into an angel of light, 2 Cor.11; verse 14. I wondered when Dr. Keith Mitchell in the 2013 campaign for that general election, sounding like an angel of light told the Grenadian people that he will not raise any taxes, and that sounded real good.

Then on entering office in 2013 as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance gave the Grenadian people close to 30 new taxes. That good promise turned out to be a big lie, and that’s bad.

Dr. Mitchell turned out to be a messenger of Satan, parading as an angel of light, like Satan he told the people a big lie of his, like Satan and gave them more taxes.

Satan is a liar, you know; John ch,8 verse 44, of the Holy Bible. Dr. Mitchell is walking in Satan’s footsteps and the messenger of his by that deed.

On the 19th Nov. 2017 a few days earlier, at the launch of Tobias Clement rally, Dr. Mitchell declared with much energy that he is a Christian. Dr. Mitchell – a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ who lives like Christ. Does Dr. Keith Mitchell the Prime Minister of Grenada lives like Christ? His government sponsors and promotes carnival which is revelling, for close to 18 years! Revelling if practiced will keep you out of the kingdom of heaven, in other words, cause you to lose your soul Gal.5 verse 21.

Would Jesus cause you to practice anything that will cause you to lose your soul? Sad to say Dr. Mitchell is head of a government that pushes sinful carnival for close to 18 years! Carnival where so much sin is rampant.
Jesus Christ won’t push carnival or revelling. So, Dr. Mitchell is anti-Christ in his words and deeds to Jesus Christ. He is doing that which is against Christ. He is an anti-Christ;1Jn.2; verse 18.

Even more so today, as he leads a government that is pushing the mark of the beast on its people today.

The voter’s ID card and registration today is the issuance of the mark of the beast, and the mark of the beast that will send you to the Lake of Fire for all eternity; Rev.13;16-18 and Rev.14;9-11.

GCPP say we have a messenger of Satan that appears like an angel of light and an anti-Christ in Dr. Mitchell.

This man is dangerous for Grenada. This man is fulfilling scripture on the Devil side by his works.

People, flee from that man this upcoming election. Give him zero vote! Why would you the Grenadian people want to put an anti-Christ and someone who appears as an angel of light who is a messenger of Satan with good news, only to turn and do the opposite to what he promised when in office?

His wrong doings make him unfit to rule Grenada today. In light of the fulfilment of the two last prophecies today, they are issuance of the mark of beast and the return of Sodom.

Chose the Grenada Christian Political Party GCPP. Almighty God true and approved political party to rule Grenada today.

Here comes a general election soon to be contested here in Grenada and Minister Garraway is telling the people that this election is about the economy. That’s a big lie!

GCPP is declaring to you the Grenadian people that this election is about your souls. Minister Garraway is defending Dr. Mitchell like a pitbull dog guarding its master.

Like if Dr. Mitchell is a saint when the man is an anti-Christ. Minister Garraway is an anti-Christ too for defending someone who is pushing sin.

GCPP is declaring to the Grenadian people that this election is about your souls and a vote on the mark of the beast to keep it or destroy it.

It’s a vote for God or the Devil. Derick Sealey representing God and Keith Mitchell representing the Devil.
GCPP says to you the people to give Dr. Mitchell and NNP zero vote and GCPP all the votes to be on God’s side this upcoming election. This is serious and true!

To the other politicians in the country, don’t shame Dr. Mitchell as yet. All of you are in the same sinful ship pushing Carnival and the mark of the beast on the people.

You are all anti-Christ and Satan’s messengers, transforming yourselves as angels of light. Shame on all of you from GCPP.

People shame them too by giving them zero votes in this upcoming election. They are expired! This is serious and urgent. Wake up people, wake up.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

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