Flooding around the tunnel!!!

I will be most grateful if you will grand me a space in your paper to draw to the attention of the powers that be the need to address this situation.

In recent years there has been major climate change which has affected most areas negatively – in the area of Bruce Street/Sendall Tunnel it has been causing increasing flooding resulting in pedestrians not being able to use Sendall Tunnel whenever there is even a little rain.

Flooding has been occurring in that area for quite some time now and I cannot understand why is it that the powers-that-be have not done anything to correct the situation.

If my memory serves me well, when the Cruise Ship Terminal was being constructed a huge drain was built alongside the hill, which I thought was to take all the water from the area into the bay.

Is that drain functioning? If yes, why is it that the Sendall Tunnel exit is very often flooded? Is it that the drain is at a somewhat higher elevation than the pipeline which is supposed to take away the water? Or is there a partial permanent blockage of the pipe line?

Whatever is the cause it is my firm view that it is long past the time that the situation should have been addressed.

I humbly suggest that a good look be taken at the size of the entrance pipeline to see if it is blocked in part, if the line is too small or if it is because of the sewer line causing the problem.

I beseech the powers-that-be to give this matter the serious attention it deserves since I am hoping that the situation will be remedied.

Simeon Green

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