Tobias Clement: Arrogant and Selfish

The people of St. George North East have to be crazy to re-elect Tobias Clement after his confession that his lucrative salary at SGU was the most important thing to him.

This level of selfishness must never be rewarded by voters. In addition to his lucrative salary, Clement receives his parliamentary stipend, duty-free concession on his vehicle, cell phone, travel and entertainment allowances and free gasoline.

On top of that, he is paid a full ministerial salary even though he refused a cabinet appointment. Clement also controls a constituency allowance of approximately $11, 500.00 per month.

It is clear that Tobias sees his role as MP for SGNE as just a little side hustle. While he enjoys the big life with a combined monthly income in the region of $30,000.00, his constituents continue to suffer.

Tobias supported wage freeze for public workers but accepted an 11% increase for ministers. He agrees that the PM’s Press Secretary should get an extra $12,000.00 per year but thinks that public workers must settle for a paltry $600.00 for three years of sacrifice.

No one has ever heard Tobias speak out in public against these things.

While Tobias and his NNP big shots enjoy the good life, free books and barrels are taken away from the “poor and vulnerable”.

While Keith Zacchaeus Taxman Mitchell strangles the middle and working classes with his 28 taxes and the people of SGNE suck salt, the road to Tobias’s mansion in Mardigras is paved. In the meantime, his neighbours have to walk through mud.

Tobias now has people wondering how his fellow MPs survive on five or six thousand per month. Do they engage in extra-curricular activities? Let’s not forget the bubbul in the house repair and debushing programmes.

Keep in mind the whispers about kickbacks in the concrete roads programme. By the way, how come there is no word about the “investigations” carried out by the FIU into these schemes? Is the RGPF engaged in a cover-up? Gegree and Tone Tone, Winston James, say something!

Tobias Clement has shown great disrespect and disregard for the people who elected him. If he is allowed to run on the NNP ticket, we can only conclude that NNP has no respect and regard for the Grenadian people.

The only way to teach this arrogant bunch a lesson is by voting all of them out at the next elections.

Tell Keith and his cartel to keep moving … out the door!

The Lizard’s Eye

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