Amazing hate and intimidation

As soon as the mischief was planted on Facebook came this childish announcement, “Willie dead, Willie dead, oh”!

The NDC’s Deputy Chairman broke the news. It was the ‘second death’ of this ‘political foe’ within five years and was celebrated by that absolute owner of the NDC on their Heartbeat program two Sundays ago.

So, the NDC must take responsibility. When I heard that my heart had stopped beating, I realised that I no longer knew the NDC!

Woe onto him who hateth Victor Burke! Imagine being afraid of one who ‘doh’ even running!

By any standard, a man who has to be executed twice must be ‘immortal’! Remember their first Facebook attack in January 2014 and the intended beneficiary?

Enjoying the pleasure of imagined ‘immortality’, I am entitled to write my own political eulogy. I do so tearfully, but without hesitation, as opportunity must be seized in its lifetime. So here goes:

“I, William Joseph, was a known NDC supporter from day one. Wherever George Brizan was in politics, there I would be also. I was Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, when Keith won in 1995 and was summarily sent on leave due to my NDC association.

When I heard that a group of ‘Coardites’ were about to join the NDC in 2000, I declared “that can’t work”!

But I lived to see it at work and the disaster it produced in 2012.

“Although a member for only one year, my NDC credentials were impeccable. I was involved in all NDC campaigns from 1999 to 2013. My best contributions were towards the 2008 victory. Everyone in the NDC knew me or of me; so did my friends and foes in the NNP. I hit the NNP hard, repeatedly, but they did not respond in an infantile manner.

“In 2012, I anchored the fight to free the NDC from Pedro’s control.

I was honoured to stand for and alongside Tillman. Victor showed up to seize the opportunity. I remembered who threw Tillman under the ‘Seawang One World’ bus!

“When we lost in 2013, I saw a doorway to restoration. I did not see a staircase to resignation.

“As I carefully studied the issues surrounding the defeat, it became clear that the NDC needed to re-invent itself and that choosing a successor to Tillman should be approached through a careful search of eligible Grenadians at home and abroad. I was privy to Burke’s desire and had no problem with that. He knows this truth.

“The lessons of division, collapse of public finances and defeat could not be ignored.

“For all my attempted objectivity and having the best interests of the NDC at heart, I encountered something rotten in the NDC. In January, 2014, I resigned by letter containing the following:

“I am satisfied that the current and emerging NDC environment is not a place that is fitting for my continued occupation. This determination is wholly informed by the conduct of the Deputy Political Leader who has ruthlessly engaged himself in.….

“I too have a family; including a thirteen year old daughter who deserves to be protected from the unconscionable lies of this politician…It is to her that I dedicate this resignation….

“I had always thought that with the NDC character matters…. Sadly, I must observe that Mr. Burke does not appear to enjoy any character superiority over the NNP leader….

“I wish the NDC well as it embarks upon a process to re-gain public confidence and much strength to carry the burdens of its new leader.”

“Following my resignation, I paid close attention to the public business of the NDC. As party leader, I held Victor to the lofty standard at which he located himself. I found him wanting on several occasions and called him out publicly. I also knocked his door directly and privately. He knows this truth.” Close eulogy.

Every man is entitled to live his life as he judges. Those supporters who dedicate their lives to fighting for their leader have a right to do so. However, the accusatory question they throw at me can best be answered by Victor himself.

Alarmingly, some claim a right to ‘hate’ Keith, but deny another’s right to ‘hate’ Victor!

‘Amazing Hate’ how ‘Heart-less’ thou art!

I read where Jezebel intimidated Elijah! I listened as Gairy intimidated the JEWEL boys. I saw his “roughest and toughest roughnecks” unleash brutal intimidation.

I witnessed criminal intimidation by the PRA/RMC. Until 2014, I did not know an NDC that practiced or condoned intimidation.

I commend Chairman Vincent Roberts for roundly condemning the newest attack on me.

But, his Political Leader, consistent with his established strategy of silence, says nothing while online phantoms use Facebook to intimidate me in his favour. Not a smart move!

Since I have not been given “the spirit of fear”, ‘Ah jus ha to take it to dem’!

William Joseph

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