Sticking a pin on William Joseph

Mr. Joseph is it your conscience that has informed you that Victor Nazim Burke is extremely toxic for Grenada? That he’s so much more destructive towards Grenada’s future than its present leader Dr. Keith Mitchell?

Is that why you think it is worth your while putting ink to paper in your attempts to darken the image of Nazim Burke in the minds of the Grenadian people? And is it your way of ensuring that he never will be given an opportunity to lead this country?

It is my solid view that your quest to destroy Mr. Burke politically is prompted more by selfish motives, rather than by reasons of patriotism.

Too many Grenadians are already duped by their blind loyalty towards one man, who himself, is being duped by his blind loyalty towards the non-Grenadian — the white foreigner, who may very well end up treating us as though they are our masters in our own land.

To many of us it is very obvious that our present leader seems to be suffering from a serious case of inferiority complex. He does not seem able to say ‘no’ to his apparently newly adopted fair skinned masters.

Do you, Willy, want to be included in that brand? I should hope not.

In conclusion, our people must not be robbed of the glorious opportunity presented to us at this time, to be led by an administration which will govern this country in a way that Grenadians – the ordinary citizens – can all have a share in the best that the country has to offer.

I speak of an administration which we can depend on to keep, safe guard and protect our Grenadian assets – our heritage, our aggregate, our beaches, our oil, our waters – for the Grenadian citizens, including those yet unborn.

At this time, the only sensible choice is the National Democratic Congress, led by the very capable and patriotic Nazim Burke and his team.

So, William, my parting words to you: put an end to the selfish and senseless vitriol flowing from your pen week after week. Seek Divine guidance to heal you of your bitterness. Whatever hurt might have led you to so much bitterness, pray that God’s forgiveness may find its way into your heart. That’s the only way you can move on. And in so doing, give Grenada a chance to also move on.

Joan Antoine

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