Terry Marryshow at it again!!!

Once again it’s October and out come all Marryshow’s fantasies about something he never knew, because for almost the duration of the revolution he was not in Grenada. He can only depend on what others tell him.

He writes, “a process which was making a tremendous difference in the lives of the Grenadian people”. How can he know what a difference it made if he was not here?

Surely free secondary education did make a tremendous difference in their lives but for other Grenadians being thrown in prison without trial, tortured and sometimes killed made a tremendous difference in their lives.

He also wrote that the Coardites were drunk on ideology. Now what ideology could this be? It could only be the ideology of Marxist- Leninism, commonly known as communism.

And was it not Bishop who had indoctrinated his young followers with the same ideology? Could you not therefore say that he was killed by the monsters he had himself created?

It is on record that even when studying law in London, Bishop was making visits to communist countries. Yet Marryshow likens him to a “lamb” who had never been given the opportunity to air his opinions.

In fact, at meetings of the Central Committee he did air his opinions and he was also accused of spreading a false rumour about Coard.

“Not even the best friends of the Grenada revolution, Michael Manley of Jamaica or Fidel Castro of Cuba” writes Marryshow, “were given an opportunity to weigh in on the crisis.” So those are your best friends?
Manley who locked up over 500 people without trial just before the 1976 election and did more than anyone to cause Jamaica’s economic collapse, and the dictator Fidel Castro who sent so many to their deaths? With friends like that, who needs enemies?

“One can only look back with nostalgia and wonder what Grenada would have been like today after 34 years of revolution” muses Marryshow.

One only has to look at all other communist countries to know that there would be scarcity of food and other basics, there would be fear and lack of freedoms, lives of drudgery and hopelessness, with a power group of elites running the country enjoying all the privileges.

Gregory Thomas

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