Dustbin of history

Earlier this year, our brothers and sisters in Ghana, West Africa, pulled down a statue of the late P.M. Ghandi from their University, following pressure from the public who thought Ghandi was a racist who supported the apartheid system in South Africa.

The following is a quote by Ghandi, he said, “Kafirs (black) are as a rule uncivilised convicts even more so.

They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals”. Ghandi – March 7, 1908.

As a person of African heritage, is this the kind of person whose bust should be placed any-where among our people? What has this racist ever done for the people of Grenada?

In his own country, he did absolutely nothing for the poor people of India including the (Dravidians Africans) – who occupied the South of India. They were at one time the largest group of African outside Africa according to the late Professor Ivan Sertima in his book – “Africa’s Gifts to Asia.”

If Indians in Grenada choose to celebrate the birthday of their leader Ghandi, they are free to do so in their own homes, but not among our young children who should be celebrating the life and times of those who fought against the evil system of the apartheid regime in South Africa.”

The bust of this racist man should be removed from its present location and thrown in the “dustbin of history”.

Josiah Rougier

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