The old club in charge!!!

As a former NNP member and supporter the time has come for me to speak out on the many mixed signals being given to the country by the Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell.

My former leader makes me laugh all the time with the many statements laced with contradictions from his own mouth.

I am inviting all NNP supporters to look at the appointment of the old retired Dr. Lawrence Joseph as Acting Attorney-General instead of Cajeton Hood.

Is it the same Dr Lawrence Joseph who is the Advisor to Parliament and Deputy Governor General?

Who Dr. Mitchell is fooling when he told Terry Forrester that it is now the time for the young Turks to take charge of the party because the old-stagers should be moving on and out to make way for them.

The NNP has enough young lawyers that are supporters who could have been given the job by PM Mitchell instead of bringing back Larry from the grave.

I don’t want to call the name of any particular young lawyer in private practice to avoid any embarrassment to them.

The party lawyers know who they are and in my estimation could have done a more than good job as Attorney-General to give proper legal advice to the NNP government.

In government service, the PM could have asked the present Solicitor General, Dwight Horsford to step up to the plate and perform the task as AG.

Mr. Horsford is a bright young man and learnt the trade under a legal luminary in the person of Dr. Francis Alexis.

If the AG job was given to a much younger and capable person than Larry Joseph, the youth would have seen it as a signal that Dr. Mitchell is really serious about promoting the youths of the nation.

By bringing back Dr. Joseph, the PM is saying clear that he prefers to see the old brigade around him.

Look at what he did with Sen. Brenda Hood after the big mess up with panorama this year.

The lady was removed from the government as Minister of Culture after the embarrassment but given another big job as Advisor on Tourism.

I still have a lot of NNP friends and they are fedup with Dr. Mitchell and would like to see him go home and take a good long rest.

The NNP need new life to grow under a young and vibrant leader.

I am convinced now that the PM was not serious over the years to groom any of the young turks to eventually take over as leader of the party and government.

There is not one single young person that we can identify to replace Dr. Mitchell because no one was identified by him and groomed for future leadership.

Our people would not support the NDC turncoat called Peter David because he is not one of us. Peter only came into the NNP because Tillman and Nazim Burke threw him out of NDC.

We didn’t mind what he did to bring down NDC from power but he will never be one of us.

Look around the country and what you will see is that the Peter surrogates are the ones getting most of the jobs while the diehards NNP supporters are left out and not eating a food.

If Larry Joseph can be brought back as AG then I cannot see any reason why Terry could not have been selected as the candidate for the south.

Terry has always been on the ground with the people and can identify with them.

Terry stood a better chance of winning the seat for NNP in South St. George than Nikki Steele.

If the PM is saying that Terry was left out because of age then I want to hear him explain making Larry Joseph the AG. Who is older – Terry or Larry?

Dr. Mitchell is losing it and might cost NNP the net election with this old people party that he is promoting under the guise of bringing onto the stage some young persons like Kate in St. Andrew South-east and the young lawyer in Carriacou.

Downgraded NNP

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