GCPP plans in government!!!

Call it what you want – manifesto, policy paper, plans, promises etc.

It’s what a Grenada Christian Political Party government will do when in office.

GCPP motto is; Only Good, No Evil. Our mission statement is: To rescue Grenada from the mark of the Beast systems, and all other evils through governance of national repentance and righteousness, preparing its people to meet their creator.

Our vision is to establish a Christian country free from the mark of the beast systems where righteousness, holiness and peace abounds and the people are prepared to meet their creator.

It will be irresponsible and remiss on GCPP part if it doesn’t give to you the Grenadian people the reason and cause for its plans.

We have entered the most perilous times of man’s existence today. The last two major prophecies to be fulfilled are being fulfilled right now in our world and here in Grenada today.

They are the implementation of the mark of the beast and the return of Sodom. These are not times as a people to be looking for material prosperity and the politician who can promise you such.

These times call for politicians who can lead in the preparation of their people to meet their creator. That’s GCPP role and mission and assignment from Almighty God.

These times signal the last few years of mankind rule and dominion of planet earth and its creatures. It could be seven years or less punctuated by the worst world calamities mankind will ever know since creation.

These times honestly and truthfully are about repentance and preparation by mankind to meet his creator. It’s about coming out of this world system or scripturally referred to as “Come out of Babylon”, Rev.18 verse 4.

GCPP is raised up by Almighty God for that purpose. It’s about decreasing and not increasing today.

GCPP will like material development and prosperity for Grenada but is honest enough to let you know, that these times are not really for that and comes with the mark of the beast to have them.

GCPP will not give our people the mark of the beast but end it. This being the case, GCPP sees the sole preservation of our people as its top priority.

GCPP will still seek the material and physical development of the people and country as it can afford.

GCPP is a true, genuine Christian political party. The Truth Party.

It’s not a Christian political party by name only, but also by thoughts, words and deeds.

This party is to be led by holy, righteous and godly men, who follow Christian doctrines and values as written in the Holy Bible.

GCPP believes them and will seek to implement them in the governance of our country of ours Grenada at this perilous hour.

This is the end of mankind rule and dominion of planet earth and its creatures.

Mankind has now delegated that rule to computers and the Beast.

Mankind refer to it as E Government and it’s worldwide.

To function in that world you must have an identification mark. It’s the electronic multipurpose biometric ID card or microchip that’s being given out today by governments worldwide and is the future of
identifying persons, and for buying selling.

It’s the mark of the beast systems. One will not be able to buy and sell without it very soon, Revelation,13 verses 16-18.

Based on the fact, the mark of the beast is here, and mankind has given over his rule of planet earth to computers etc, the Beast through E government.

Derick Sealey

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