The Political Castration of Boatswain

Anthony Boatswain finds himself surrounded by enemies. The three-time MP for St. Patrick West has been heavily targeted by the rebel leader faction, which apparently still wants Joseph Gilbert to be the candidate.

Over the past 18 months or so, most of Boatswain’s key people have been investigated, transferred, fired or forced to resign. In every instance, the replacement has been a rebel loyalist.

The most notable casualty was the once-powerful Adam Andall, who was replaced by Joe Gilbert’s former personal assistant, Elpheridge Phillip.

Also prominent as Boatswain’s campaign manager is Isaac Oliver, a former top-ranking member of Gilbert’s team. Amina was booted out and people like Abakai, Shermme and Bubbler have been sidelined or relegated to minor positions.

The new NNP Rebels thought that the housing material scandal would have brought down Boatswain but Keith allowed him to stay, fearing that his exit would all but guarantee NDC’s Andall taking the seat.
With years of experience in propaganda and destabilisation, the new NNP Rebels have not given up their fight to get rid of Boatswain.

Recently, a potentially defamatory item, insinuating that the MP was engaged in illegal and immoral conduct, appeared on social media. One wonders if that was not another desperate attempt by the Rebels to sink the MP.

Many old school NNPites in St. Patrick West are becoming very bitter, as they see themselves being sidelined, while the good jobs and contracts are hogged by the NNP infiltrators.

The NNP stalwarts are angry because the same people who described them as corrupt, greedy and dunce, are reaping the rewards while those who built the NNP are left to fight for travo fortnight.

Although Boatswain is still in the saddle, he is now seen as a political eunuch because he knows that the new people in his inner circle are gunning for him.

Boatswain is now on his way to total irrelevance. Should the people of St. Patrick West waste a vote on a man who has been politically castrated?

The Prophet

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