Keep Peter out!!!

Everybody in Darbeau know that I am a huge NNP supporter in the Town of St. George.

As a former supporter of the Revo, I hated Eric Gairy and Comrade Maurice became my idol.

No Coardite can get my support since they killed my leader on the Fort in October 1983.

This is precisely the reason that I could not give my support to the NDC because of the presence of Peter, Nazim, Feron Lowe, Chester Humphrey, the late Dr. Lambert and the other RMC gangsters.

I have been voting for Dr. Mitchell and NNP since 1995 with Dr. Fletcher and then Brenda Hood.
Many of us in Darbeau were happy when Sis. Brenda took the rednastiness to court to get him out of Canada because he contested the seat as a Canadian citizen.

I could remember going outside the court house by St. John’s Street on one occasion to give solidarity to sis. Hood in the case.

My dislike for Peter is so great that I was prepared to put my name down on the list of constituents backing Sis. Hood in her court action against the man.

Today, I am still hurt by the decision of our Prime Minister to bring this man into the NNP and give him a top executive position when we have people in our party who are more than good enough to do the job.

A lot of our supporters on the ground in town will not vote for Peter in the election.

A few nights ago we were discussing the situation and many of us cannot say what it is that Peter has done to enhance the town in the past 15 years. He has been around since around 2001-02 with NDC.

One brother said that he heard some talk about Peter promising the Boys on 4-Roads more than 10 years now that they will get back the basketball court on Melville Street. Has Peter delivered on this promise? The people of the town can answer for themselves.

I can bet $20.00 that in the next few weeks, Peter will be running around to get the police out of the barracks and say that he has given back the Basketball court to the boys.

The people in the town must teach Peter a lesson and make him understand that one swallow does not mean that winter is here.

The rednastiness has a “swallow” going around bad-mouthing Claudette when the same “swallow” was a big NDC supporter but only shifted loyalty because Peter is now Green.

If this kind of tomfoolery continues in the politics it is possible that Claudette might get a personal vote from me in town.

I really cannot give my vote to Peter. If only I can switch to the South to give my vote to the Hon. Steele.

The man was given a bad hand by Dr. Keith who should not have moved him from the town only after 5 years.

If Peter wanted a seat the Prime Minister should have sent him in the south to take on Rae Roberts.

I really want Peter to lose in town to bring an end to his party hopping from NJM to RMC to NDC and then NNP.

I am not too sure if he was a member of NUF with Sis. Glynis also but I will leave that party out for the time being.

The Kite Flyer

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