The sister of Maurice Bishop?

Ellen Bishop-Spielman claims to be Maurice Bishop’s sister. In fact, she was adopted by Maurice Bishop’s parents and has never been mentioned by Maurice’s sisters to me nor by Maurice although I only saw him on rare occasions.

A contemporary tells me he can remember this rather precocious teenager who somewhat scandalised the straight-laced bourgeoisie of the period by taking part in some film. That may have been the beginning of her career in films.

Well, she has re-appeared in Grenada of late, selling herself to all and sundry as Maurice Bishop’s sister. She runs an outfit calling itself the Maurice Bishop Institute of English though nothing is ever heard of this.

She was promoting this film, The House on Coco Road, which appears to be about the experiences of an American family with Grenadian connections but apparently much less vague connections with the far left.

Only seeing the film will clarify this but I have seen a review, which informs that the film is about the ghastly experience of being invaded by the Americans. (It would be the only negative report of suffering by Grenadians during this invasion, apart from those militarily involved in the counter attack.)

Most regrettably, Grenada’s Minister of Tourism, Brenda Hood, travelled to San Diego, California, to attend a premiere of this film.

So Ellen Spielman now teams up with Havana to show to the Grenadian public at least two films that are intended to influence naïve Grenadians under 40-years-old (the majority) to support the very ideology that nearly destroyed Grenada in 1979 to 1983.

We have only to look at what is going on in Venezuela to understand that Cuba intends their fate to be Grenada’s too.

Gregory Bishop

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