Healthcare a catastrophe in St. Patrick’s

If Grenada has a national health crisis, St. Patrick’s has a health catastrophe.

About three years ago, a young woman died on the grounds of the Sauteurs Health Complex because there was no oxygen at the facility. Earlier this year, an elderly lady from Mt. Rich died at the same facility because there was no trained person to administer oxygen to her. Just a few days ago, the Mt. Rich Medical Station was closed down without any prior notice.

On the night of September 23, a young woman gave birth in Darvey. She was unable to pass the afterbirth. Given that there is no ambulance in St. Patrick’s, the woman’s relatives called the nearby police station for assistance with transportation. The police said that they had one vehicle which they were keeping in case of an emergency.

Finally, a young villager was found and he decided to take the patient to St. George’s. When he got to Gouyave, he met an ambulance which had been called to pick up the young lady. The ambulance driver turned back without the patient, reportedly claiming it was a “hospital case”.

The residents of St. Patrick’s are fed up with the callous disregard shown to us by this NNP government. We have two parliamentary representatives and a senator, yet nothing meaningful gets done to improve the lives of the people.

Mr. Boatswain became an MP in 1999 and we have become the poorest and most neglected parish since then. Rather than taking steps to upgrade the level of health care in the parish, he is begging for a final term to watch De Caul put big stones into the sea in Sauteurs.

Since Boatswain, Pablo and Pam Pam are afraid of Dr. Keith, St. Patrick’s will always get the dirty end of the stick as long as NNP is in power. For health care in our parish to improve, the three stooges have to be removed.

Sick and Tired

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