Sealey: ‘I offer myself’

On the 24thAugust 2017 the nation was pleasantly informed by newcomer and now caretaker for St. Andrew North East on an NNP ticket, Kate Lewis that she offered herself to be caretaker and possible candidate for that constituency. That news broke on GBN television News that night.

It was confirmed by Minister Bhola in a quote in the New Today edition on 25th August 2017 page 11, when he was quoted as saying “we are excited that Kate has come forward”.

That led me as a thinker and opposition to start thinking. I am Derick Sealey, founder of the Grenada Christian Political Party. I started to think that things are really not well in the NNP camp and that’s bad for the country. A party that’s long standing and well established and boast of being the best. It should have its election engine well-oiled and running but instead I am seeing retardness, paralysis and turmoil in that party.

Where sin is present the author of confusion is present also, that’s the devil. NNP Party is run by practicing sinners. We just had the Terry Forrester fiasco and unmasking of the mask man. So there is a mask man in NNP. Mask man and bandits go hand in hand.

Confusion in the NNP camp. Is the divisive spirits of those that left NDC transferred to NNP? Spirits are transferable you know. Now we have a person putting forward themselves to be a caretaker to represent NNP in her constituency and is accepted? Is that how the NNP democracy work? Terry might have more to say.

I see the possibility for more confusion in the NNP camp but that’s left up to the people of that branch. That NNP constituency seems like it is still bleeding after that planass it got.

Unfortunately though, there will be no healing brought to that constituency by this new caretaker. I don’t know the young woman and would think that her plans, goals and aspirations for her people will be good. But isn’t that the way they all start off in these sin practicing political parties with vindictive, dictators as their leaders?

Then it all becomes about the big salary and self-development materially at the expense of the people. I hope she is not a born again Christian who has gone and become equally yoked together with practicing sinners.

It would be a shame because I have been bawling, begging and calling for born again Christians to come onboard with me to form GCPP and up to now none have responded. Instead I am hearing all sorts of foolish responses from them such as “I staying far from politics” as if politics is staying far from you today.

Politics is giving you the mark of the Beast today aware or unaware to you. Today they are making the call for all to be onboard with their plans and programs. To not be on board with them will soon have deadly consequences Rev 13:15 and 20:4.

One say, “I ain’t trust that one”. A political party Almighty God is raising up comprising of righteous, Godly and holy men to contest the upcoming elections you ain’t trust. Well it makes me wonder about your Christianity.

Another said to me that “I ain’t leaving no work for Jesus Christ to do when he return”. In other words, leave the country evil and corrupt as it is and don’t address the issues and help to change them for good.

Another one in government tell me God sent him in government. He being in government for so many years and these practicing sinners in government have gotten worst giving the people the mark of the beast, and pushing that evil carnival.

John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ, and the other prophets stood up and told the people to repent.

And in the case of King David, God sent the prophet Nathan to confront David to tell him about his sin. The sent so-called Christian minister is he doing that? If so the nation wants to hear him.

GCPP still calls on all holy, righteous and Godly Christian men and women to rise up and join GCPP and let’s take Grenada for God this upcoming election.

It’s the final opportunity the true Christian have. Senator Ray Roberts is selected by the NDC to be their caretaker in the St. George’s South Constituency. I am sorry for Ray because it’s the same kettle of fish. He also seems to have offered himself to be selected by the NDC to be the caretaker base on his utterances on

“To The Point”, the GBN Television programme the Tuesday after his selection.

Getting himself tied up in a political party of practicing sinners who are pushing carnival and the mark of the beast and selling the souls of the Grenadian people to the Devil just like NNP.

Sen. Roberts was quoted in the New Today Newspaper appealing to Christians to stand up for what is right. Bro. Roberts, GCPP is hearing you loud and clear. Are you hearing us? Are you willing to stand up and fight against the system that is introducing the biometric ID card the mark of the beast here in Grenada just as the Indian Supreme Court ruled against it in India?

It could be said that I now have the Indian Supreme court support indirectly on the matter – men of the highest legal knowledge in India. This is what I have and am still trying to show my people that this is wrong.

Are we going to wait until we can’t buy and sell before we wake up. The mark of the beast along with the return of Sodom are the two last prophecies to be fulfilled before Jesus Christ is revealed to take governance of planet earth from mankind. He will set up his millennium or thousand years reign after these two last prophecies. They are here and the mark of the beast have a period of only seven years to run and is being implemented right now.

We saw on the news a few weeks ago that a company in the US started to microchip its employees. The microchip that was first put into beast. God is so great and his word so true.

On the morning of the 24th August 2017 on GBN TV, BBC News headlines was about the supreme court in India ruling that the Biometric ID card or “the mark of the beast” given to over a billion Indian persons was a violation of the people’s privacy and wrong.

Here in Grenada that Biometric ID Card for National Health Insurance NHI being made compulsory by law to be received from two months and upwards is the same thing, the mark of the beast being pushed by the NNP government and selling the people’s souls to the Devil.

Don’t be fooled fellow Grenadians. This election is not about projects and material advancement etc. This election is more about spiritual things – more than physical things. It’s about your souls.

GCPP wants to make it abundantly clear that this election is about your soul. The Grenada Christian Political Party understands this based on what is written in the Holy Bible – the word of the true and living God.

Based on the fulfillment of the two last major prophecies, Almighty God has called yours truly and assigned him with the mission to form a Christian Political Party to contest the election and winning it to rescue Grenada from the mark of the beast and to prepare his people to meet him by taking government. Only preparation time of mankind to meet God that is left.

Almighty God wants a true Christian government to rule Grenada today and no other. The other politicians from the other political parties, once they stay unrepented and don’t see this truth and assignment are just practicing sinners, expired and rejected by Almighty God to rule Grenada today.

People reject them also because destruction lies with them. They will continue to be agents of the Devil in his mark of the business. Sorry for Ray and Kate but they will become badly contaminated also.

However, GCPP doors are wide open for any politician whose eyes would become opened, repent and converted to become a part of GCPP.

These are the mark of the beast times, politicians and people. Grenada has been a first and a leader of many things in the Caribbean and the world. Let’s be the first again, as coming together as a nation to fight against the mark of the beast.

GCPP is leading the way, directed by the Almighty God. Note this also: I Derick Sealey also will like to offer myself as the God-ordained next Prime Minister of Grenada in this difficult era.

My pay or salary could only be food. For it is written having food and clothing be content and I have clothing, 1 Timothy chap. 6:8.

Please read the service area of the classified section newspaper to contact me.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

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