Dissatisfied customer

Dear Flow,

The provision of your services is very important to us, your customers. Your organisation owns the monopoly on our landline and internet services and as such, you ought to be aware of our vulnerable position from which you control us.

Such control, without proper redress for very poor services, extortionate prices, poor accounting methods, and the fact that LIME was either forced or bribed into becoming an affiliated sector of your organisation without proper facilities in place to support your customers, highlight the lack of concern and the lack of respect Flow shows its customers.

That we are forced to endure such humiliating state of affairs is beyond any common decency.

Your very distressing and psychologically abusive services continue. This is part of my continual personal experiences with Flow. For instance, I had previously paid the internet and phone services on my account when I visited a Flow office to request the removal of suspended services on 3rd of July. I had, however, misplaced the tiny, faded receipts that were given to me.

The reconnected service was later disconnected because Flow’s records did not show that I had paid. The staff insisted that as long as I could not produce my own receipt to show them that I had paid, then I did not pay for the services. I was exhausted by the confusion and I was therefore forced to pay a second time and with interest added to my bill for late payment.

I visited one of the offices to ask for the usual ‘suspended services’ to recommence and to settle any unpaid bills. It was then, after several heated disagreements about payments, I was told that the payments which I could not previously show evidence of, were now shown 16 days later.

This incompetence was treated by the staff as a-matter-of-fact occurrence so there was no further need to be disgruntled at such treatment, bearing in mind that was a very common practice which I and others had encountered before.

My request to recommence ‘suspended services’ of the telephone and the internet services to start on the 26th August were signed for and from past experiences, not trusting the services, I requested a copy of my suspended services. I was reassured that these actions will be implemented on the date (26th August) requested.

On my return home that Friday evening,18th August, no internet services were available; I naively assumed that the Friday evening was putting extra demands on the internet services.

On Saturday 19th August the lack of internet services continued and I was prompted to contact FLOW phone services via Trinidad who informed me that I requested the discontinuation of the services which was to be effective immediately.

I was left without weekend services from Friday 18th August to Monday 21st August. I was told the staff member who arranged the suspension was unavailable to reinstate the services.

No local phone support is available. Customers are expected and required to visit an office, as I was, to get the inaccurate information corrected and to have my internet services reinstated.

Never mind people who are disabled. This, of course, is very distressing and infuriating but such poor services offered by Flow are treated as very normal.

This is very disrespectful to customers and by extension the employees who are continually confronted by dissatisfied and angry customers.

This is not a complaint by one person. This is the service that is offered to many other customers. As the services are so poor, shabby, and inadequate, the staff are suffering beyond the call of duty.

No one should be expected to work in an environment that offers so very little support and training. I am sure there is not a day that goes by when staff are not confronted by angry customers.

They are trying to work in an environment that is not conducive to promoting their well-being.

I believe that the following actions would help improve the services you provide:

(1). The provision of adequate billing. The contrast in the receipts and invoices that Flow use indicate the very poor status in which Flow holds its customers.

(2). The support and assistance for older people. Easier access to the services, apart from getting on a bus and a long queue to take a receipt to show that one has paid.

In my opinion, Flow has the unenviable ability to cause minor issues to become major problems – increasing the distress and unnecessary cost to its customers.

Mary-Louise Crosdale

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