Bought Twice and the Right to my ‘EGO’

Two Saturdays ago a very respectable lady, a Queen’s honouree, encouraged me to keep on writing the truth. Eighty years of experience led her to say that some will want to ‘kill’ me for expressing my opinions publicly.

Nevertheless, I should fear not, she said. I do NOT fear!

Being out-spoken, I expect others to disagree with me on the issues. However, the most caustic responses have come from some who disagree with me purely on political grounds. Supposedly, they cannot challenge on the merits so the attack is on my person and my personal affairs.

Now I am no longer a source of strength and joy! Today, some NDC people wish to take away my freedom of speech and even the right to my “ego”! Not happy with those inhumane efforts, they have recently planted a propaganda line that the NNP buy me! Me!

All those of my generation from my village, primary school and the GBSS know that I have never been afraid to speak. In fact, I sometimes think that I may have been given the gift of speech! Arrogance? I spoke to and for the students at the GBSS back then; and I spoke for Grenada in almost fifty countries, whether as Permanent Secretary or Director of Tourism or Ambassador. A “clown” could not have done that, eh!

Today, I speak in the local media on a variety of national issues, in the public interest. I have no party ties or obligations whatsoever. I have expressed opinions on many social, economic and political issues touching both major political parties. But it is the NDC’s reaction that is dangerously intolerant of divergent views. They are unhappy with the truth concerning their party leader and appear to have resolved to attack me at a very gutter level. Their behaviour has created an unsafe situation.

Recall a recent ‘NDC Heart Beat’ program presented by an extraordinary Executive member? Anyone can easily create political enemies, but only the smart can build political partnerships.

Apparently, to express views critical of Victor is to “hate” him! Often, the accusatory question is, “wha’ Nazim Burke do yuh?” To debate the wisdom of NDC’s political strategy and tactics is to have an “ego” problem; to say that the party has taken on the persona of its leader is to have an arrogance overload! Somehow, the few who may have ‘anointed’ Victor seem to think that the majority of us must bow down and pay homage! Sorry to disappoint them.

Back in January, 2014, I was viciously attacked on Facebook through a thing named ‘Ethical Grenada’. They put up a cruel ‘Wanted Man’ poster of me and charged that I had joined forces with the NNP. Big lie! They said I wished to destroy the NDC. Big lie! They said I did not support Victor for leader. Big truth! On radio, they said the NNP had given me big work at the GTA! Big lie! Four years later, the NNP is said to have bought me again. Big lie!

I must be the only Grenadian whom the NNP has had to buy twice! What a shame that sensible people would resort to such senseless methods! They elected a leader who they said was needed to fight Keith. Now they all are fighting me! So Keith is home, high and dry! He has won!

I am entitled to my ego, just as every other man or woman. I have a right to speak facts and to express my honest opinions on those facts. Nothing I have published concerning Victor and the NDC is malicious or reckless or false. I am not responsible for Victor’s popularity across Grenada or the NDC’s prospects at the elections.

Silence is often pretence of innocence! I challenge Victor to break his ‘strategy of silence’ and find the courage to tell his followers and all Grenadians whether certain words I have attributed to him are false and whether his “raw meat” accusation is true? But he will neither recant nor repent!

My commitment to honest debate is iron-clad and both parties will hear or read stuff that they may like or dislike, from time to time. Where is the crime in that? Where is the “jealousy” in that?

I have surrendered my ‘party’ political soul, but I am entitled to manage my ego and to reject any ‘bride price’, if offered! I am not always proud of my arrogance, but I take responsibility for my dignity and peace of mind.

William Joseph

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