Is the NNP government responsible for the increase in rape crimes?

Although Grenada can be called “a democracy” it has made no progress when it comes to reforming its criminal justice system. The court system stinks and it’s not dedicated to the protection of children. Why has the moral character of our society deteriorated to such an extent?

In this process of moral degeneration in our Grenadian society, what role does each of us play? Is the Keith C. Mitchell government encouraging or preventing this trend?

A rape survivor’s worst nightmare is having to face their attacker in court, and come in contact with the person who changed their life forever. But for the women who become pregnant through the rape and decide to keep and raise that child that nightmare can quickly become a reality.

Some mothers in Grenada are selling their teenage daughters to the highest bidders. Child rape in Grenada begins at the top, with political leaders, lawyers, doctors, teachers etc. are doing it.

These child rapists must be exposed to the world. Watching these degenerates, these bastards, these alleged child rapists in a courtroom in Grenada is like watching a battered wife whose drunk husband beats her every night, but she gets up next morning and makes him breakfast. It’s really sad.

These are sociopaths, delusional men with money, who think they can commit a crime and get away with it, and most of them have, because of their status in Grenada. They are always so happy to silence the mothers of their victims with a fistful of dollars.

We must work together to restore sanity in Grenada. The case of the lawyer who impregnated a 14-year-old high school girl was threatened with court by her mother, but unfortunately the rape case did not make it to court, it is alleged the lawyer paid off the mother so she wouldn’t testify against him.

This is a blatant smokescreen. This lawyer is acting as a mentally ill individual, and is hiding his bigotry behind his money, and some of his corrupt lawyer friends. This disgusting child abuser should have been in prison for the alleged rape of that 14-year-old, who is today the mother of three children, one fathered by that lawyer. He is hiding behind his money and some mothers are willing to sacrifice their young daughters for a fistful of dollars.

There’s probably cause to believe a crime was committed, the mother although poor, should have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

That individual uses his house as a whorehouse, where he engages in alleged sexual activities with teenagers, his favourite phrase is “Anything after 12 is lunch”. Shouldn’t the police stop these school girls from going over to this lawyer’s house with him in his car?

Why are these teenagers dealing and engaging in sexual activities with this creep, who is old enough to know better? Doesn’t the responsibility lie with the older party? What this lawyer and others are doing is wrong. We know this because the law says so. Is it possible to separate the law from the lawyer?

Individuals like this lawyer, joke about bedding teenagers and the concept of consent is not discussed. Most importantly the law is not being enforced. What does the law think about these grown men who pursue young children so fresh out of childhood?

Young children do not have the capacity to consent. There’s the ego trip of being with a teenager who is so easily impressed that a car, or a house, can seem dazzling mature. What if it was their daughter?

It’s hard to accept that men we think we know, who seem like nice guys, could do something so horrific as rape, then our society tries to come up with excuses. It then becomes easy to blame the victim when women are already devalued across the board in Grenada.

Just last month three grown men from St Patrick’s allegedly raped a 12-year-old child, this week a police officer, who should know better, also allegedly raped another child, and there was the alleged rape by an older man of another innocent child.

What’s going on in Grenada? When are we going to stop it and how? In India for example, rapists are shot dead, and hanged in a square. Why is Grenada’s court system so soft on rape?

Rape is about power, it is forced and unwanted sexual intercourse. It is a sexual assault. It is violence. It is a crime. It’s a tragedy. These young victims need comfort, understanding and support.

This is serious, people, this child and others are going to need lots of counselling. The Mitchell-led NNP government and the court system are really rotten. We have to do better than this. The government and the court system- these judges have to tackle this sick problem.

Rape is happening too often. We must never overlook rape, make it a priority and make sure that victims who survive it are given the care and treatment they need and deserve.

The scale of rape in Grenada is staggering. Sexual violence is adding to an already terrifying situation for children. We must act globally now. This crime against children has to stop now. Just think about what this child endured.

Every citizen of Grenada is calling on the Keith C. Mitchell NNP government to institute the necessary measures to protect children, both boys and girls from incest, rape and sexual abuse at the hands of paedophiles and rapists, and let’s start from the top.

Let’s all protect children from potential abuse at the hands of people who are supposed to take care of them.

We must heighten awareness on this issue, by sharing these crimes with the world.

The three grown men who raped the 12-year-child do not deserve prison time. They should face a firing squad and no mercy, just like they showed that child.

In case of rape, incest and crimes against children, they deserve the death penalty. Child rape is happening too often, because criminals are not being punished, so they keep committing the crime over and over.

Those creeps are protected by the judges and court system. These criminals are being protected at the expense of the citizens of our country. Who are the judges protecting?

Rapists must be punished to the fullest extent of the law that should be a deterrent for them.

Helen Grenade

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