Keith is expired goods!!!

Election is once again in the air and I am calling on the Grenadian public to wise up and stop allowing the Keith Mitchell regime to take us for a ride again.

It bleeds my heart to see the state at which Keith Mitchell has brought our people. After twenty three years as Prime Minister this so-called leader has nothing else to offer our people especially our young people…nothing other than a two weeks contract to cut bush on the side of the road! He tried to put it nicely and call it” The debushing programme” but we need to call it what it is! ” Travo work”!!

While I am not trying to degrade anyone because of the job they are doing, is this really ALL the NNP has to offer? Absolutely NO sustainable jobs!!! No sustainable income? People please wake up!! Keith Mitchell has created in our people a dependency syndrome! And don’t think this is by accident. That’s exactly where he wants them to be – in a state where they are dependent on him, in a state where getting a contract to cut bush makes them feel like ‘Santa Claus has come to town!’

Are you aware that ‘Dog eat we supper’ if a war breaks out and vessels can’t bring in food to our country? Are you aware that we are a small nation extremely dependant on imported food? With all the waste land we have around us what are we using it to produce as a nation? What factories do we have to produce food or create sustainable jobs?

Are we going to continue being dependant on SGU to create unsustainable employment? But of course Keith Mitchell does not see the need for agriculture in Grenada because “his father was a farmer and he died poor”! So what are you going to offer our people Dear Prime Minister? After all you have said it yourself that “no one is going to get rich under you”.

And that’s the reality Grenadians. That’s the state NNP wants to have us in. How can this man say he love Grenadians, that he loves his country, when he is doing this to his people? What exactly has he delivered? Absolutely nothing! It’s time for us to stop allowing Keith Mitchell to continue dragging us down in the gutter.

We are better than that. We deserve better than that!

We are looking at you Keith Mitchell. Over twenty years as Prime Minister you can offer our people nothing more than a couple twenty dollar notes to keep them happy and silent. And they have become so dependent on you that they are comfortable in that state. You have created in our people a “gimme, gimme” mentality! You have robbed our people of their dignity and you need to be stopped!

I am almost certain that your campaign promises for next election will be more lies about creating jobs, jobs, jobs and phantom investors lining up to come in!! You have become so predictable Prime Minister!

We cannot allow the NNP regime to get back in office! But what options do we have? We gave NDC a chance and they blew it! Nazim Burke is only concerned about keeping his white shirt clean and doesn’t realise he needs to get down and dirty it with the man on the street. As the leader of the opposition he should be addressing issues like these and he isn’t. Are we really ready to give NDC another chance?

Mr. Forrester, I listened to your very passionate press conference on the 26th June and you said that “Grenada needs a new direction, we need a new vision we need a new beginning”.

I am therefore calling on you as the most experienced and long serving politician among the independent candidates to join forces and give Grenadians that new hope. You guys need to get up and prove yourselves!

We are tired of being taken for a ride by these two political parties.

We need to get rid of Keith Mitchell and his regime. He has proven that he has nothing to offer us Grenadians.

We need to remind him that he has expired. Time to take him off the shelf!

Concerned Citizen

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