The spiritual Wrestling Match

The Grenada Christian Political Party (G.C.P.P.) will like to declare to all that its founder, party policies, references and sayings are not out of hate for any person or persons.

All G.C.P.P hate is directed against the spirits that influence the people of the opposing political parties. This correct direction of hate comes from the Bible. It’s written in Ephesians Chpt. 6 verse 12; for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

G.C.P.P knows and understands that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against evil spirits, that influence mankind. G.C.P.P hate evil spirits not flesh and blood man.

The G.C.P.P hope and prayer therefore is for the eyes of all the other politicians to become open to see that. G.C.P.P is raised up by Almighty God to take government through the democratic process to end, and discourage evil and wickedness in Grenada.

G.C.P.P is raised up in this last hour of man’s reign and dominion of planet earth to prepare Grenadians to meet their creator. There are spiritual matters that put Grenada, way out from the mercies of God today making it vulnerable to His Wrath and plagues written of in Revelations Chpt. 16.

G.C.P.P is raised up to expose and address these issues and rescue Grenada from the judgements, wrath and plaques of Almighty God. The biggest of the issues today is the Mark of the Beast. The ID card you are receiving today as your voter ID card and soon to come National Health Insurance ID Card which are the Mark of the Beast.

They fulfill the process, method and usage of the Mark of the Beast written in revelation Chpt. 13; 16-18. You are marked in your hand (fingerprint), and forehead (passport size picture) and you cannot buy and sell without that card.

It’s a one card system they are moving towards. They are now putting microchips in employees in the U.S that was first put into beast. The Mark of the Beast will damn mankind’s soul for all eternity in the lake of fire, revelation chpt. 14; 9-11.

The politicians of all the other political parties are all caught napping and are pushing the Mark of the Beast. They say it’s for security reason to fight terrorism and money laundering etc. They are still pushing the Mark of the Beast on the people, saying how good and necessary this ID card is. They have no plans or policies to address the Mark of the Beast.

G.C.P.P understands the times and knows what to do. It’s raised up by Almighty God to destroy and end the Mark of the Beast from Grenada. This being the time we are living in today; place the other politicians in a bad light, exposing their sins and inadequacies in this hour.

When therefore G.C.P.P refers to them as expired, practicing sinners who are rejected by Almighty God to rule Grenada today it’s speaking the truth. When it says that they are agents of the Devil in his Mark of the Beast business, it is the truth. When it says, they are soul sellers, selling the Grenadian people souls to the Devil with the Mark of the Beast etc, it is speaking the truth.

Pushing the Mark of the Beast by the other politicians have made them expired, soul sellers, practicing sinners, and rejects. Flee from them! That type is rejected by Almighty God to govern Grenada today. Except they truly repent of their sins and bring forth fruits of repentance.

Those have to do with an immediate move on their part to destroy the Mark of the Beast from Grenada. Outside of that they are unqualified to govern Grenada.

G.C.P.P does not hate these people but the spirit that influences them and they are fully possessed. This is what these expired politicians have brought us, the Mark of the Beast. What will you gain continuing to support them? Only the loss of your souls.

Government today can no longer only have policies that address the physical and material needs of their people. They need to have policies that address the soul and spirit of their people also. G.C.P.P is called to address that.

The Grenadian people souls and spirits are being captured by the devil with the Mark of the Beast and many other evil today pushed by the other politicians.

G.C.P.P is the true political alternative to rescue and lead Grenada out of this spiritual captivity and slavery it has found itself, because of spiritually blinded leaders.

Please become a part of G.C.P.P and let us win this spiritual wrestling match. Inspired Christians, ministers and leaders hear the call and come on board. Also, let’s see and hear about more resignations.

Please read the service area in the classified section of this newspaper to contact me.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

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