Playing a role in Venezuelan crisis

For Sir Ronald Sanders to suggest that “…it was prudent of four CARICOM governments – Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia – not to associate themselves with a declaration issued in Lima on August 8th, by 12 member-states of the OAS that gathered (with the CARICOM four) of their own volition in Peru…” is anathema to the aspirations of all the peoples of America.

In fact as a Grenadian ex-pat living in Canada I find it embarrassing that Grenada of all CARICOM countries, with its history of Cuban advisor/s sitting in at cabinet meetings during those 4 plus years of non-democratic Marxist rule, should now sell its soul for some oil and openly support the ongoing tragedy in Venezuela.

The people of Venezuela have been shut out of their Assembly now that the Maduro narco-infected regime has completely transformed the Assembly so that there is no opposition…other than civilians demonstrating in the streets, subjected to arrests and murder by the armed forces.

Who does Sanders think will be representing their voices at any CARICOM negotiating table now?

The wealthiest Latin-American nation with the largest oil reserves in the world is unable to feed its people.

Why are there so many Cuban military “advisors” sitting in at the controls of the Venezuelan government…reminiscent of the Revo days in Grenada?

Unless Sanders is in fact a closet communist sympathiser, I fail to understand his supposed neutrality when he criticizes the 11 Latin American CELAC members and Canada for their proactive role in the signing of the Lima Declaration.

George A Soltysik
109 Wilson Drive
Milton, ON L9T 3J8

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