My Reflection of Spicemas 2017

Let me take a moment to reflect on Grenada’s 2017 Carnival and all the shows and parties. I continue to always look forward to going to Grenada for Carnival and that won’t change.

There were a number of great takeaways from this year’s carnival. One of my biggest takeaways was the quality of music and sounds that my small country produces. Another was J’ouvert and the Spectacle of Monday Night Mas.

Every year the soca artistes and calypsonians are getting better and better. My favourites were “She gave me the fork when I finish eat.” Clever indeed! The others were “Shades over my eyes and I’m high, No personal” “Mind Games” and “Jumping together.”

Little Natty and Thunda, you’re good and I’ve seen your growth and development in the soca world. While your song is good for Grenada and other nationals outside of Grenada, try making music that can be transferable to the international market. That’s the growth of a great and marketable artist. Not everyone “drinks the rum and gets up the next day.” A large percentage of people suffer with alcohol related diseases and disorders. Liver problem is a big one as well as diabetes.

With regards to the different shows like “Xtreme White and Preeday”, I join with Benjai in his song a few years back in saying, “I’m tired of the same thing over and over.”

Preeday lacks originality and Tallpree, you need to come with something different. Please, think outside the box. I do appreciate what you’ve done for Grenada and the artform but C’mon man! Twenty years of the same thing!

To those of you who plan on going to Grenada for carnival in the future, here are some of the parties that will get your monies worth: La Vida, Parties at the Yacht Club, Jab has Class, Sunny Side Up!

Oh yes, in my opinion Sunny Side Up and Jab has Class were the best parties for Carnival. Also, please take in a few boat rides like the Bikini Cruise, Darkers, Colors, Shades, Twilight, etc.

The Bikini Cruise has always been my number one….. just buy your tickets early. Also, try going to Mt. Moritz Breakfast. Great community event and people.

On a sad note, what happened to panorama and pan in Grenada should have never happened, but everyone saw it coming and those “White Shows” didn’t kill pan. Please read Janice Augustine analysis on it.

My take, the pan men and the Grenada Pan Association bear huge responsibility for this downfall. Let’s not be too quick to blame the government.

Also, I’m very concerned about the high level of alcohol consumption in Grenada, especially among the young people. Sadly, we are slowly becoming a drunken nation! I have seen too many grown men and women, drinking and falling down.

It was a sad spectacle to see teenagers walking the streets, drinking alcohol. Over 95 percent of the soca songs are about alcohol (rum) and women. How sad is it that you can get away with drinking while driving but you’ll get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt? Both are very dangerous!

Please, the power-that-be, parents, civic societies and the church, do something for the sake of the children and the country. Too much alcohol! I plan on writing more about this and also to offer my professional expertise in this area.

On another note, I would like to address the negative label or stereotype of “Just Come Back” (JCBs). While some of us do give our local community numerous examples of that behaviour, I do take umbrage to the use of that label or stereotype to describe those of us who come often to visit our beautiful homeland.

That label is offensive and needs to stop! Even the local DJs are using it in parties….”Where are the JCBs?

“Welcome to Grenada, JCBs.” Yes, we returning nationals are placed in the same category as those who for one reason or the other may give people the impression that they’re showing off, looking down on people, etc.

Let’s not label each other. I must admit, I have never been referred to as a JCB in person; however, I do wait patiently for the person who would sadly make this mistake.

Some of us who live outside of Grenada have done more for Grenada than most of you who live there. So be careful with labels.

If I do recall, I believe it was Sherma Wells who coined that phrase but I may be wrong. Instead of labelling your returning nationals, try getting to know them and their stories.

I look forward to debate anyone who disagrees with me on this topic. Let’s have an evidenced based debate, but not on your feelings or opinions.

To all the local bands that play at the different hotels, restaurants and bars, keep the good quality of music and continue to make Grenada proud. You’re an asset to tiredness in Grenada.

Congratulations to all the winners of Spicemas and to all those who participated.

Thank you to my buddies, David Bullen, Michael Don Ashby, Marcus Gabriel, the real jab jabs Justin Hazzard and Dwight McIntyre and the many others I met for another great trip to Pure Grenada.

Let’s do it again! Folks, Grenada nice!!!

Dr. Anthony Bridgeman

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