Time to go!

A ruler who lacks understanding is a cruel oppressor, but he who hates unjust gain will prolong his days. Proverbs 28:16.

Keith Mitchell is Grenada’s longest serving Prime Minister. He has been in the Grenadian political arena for well over three decades.

His legacy is one that is tainted by numerous allegations of corruption, cronyism, nepotism, authoritarianism, gross mismanagement, a failed referendum, taking Grenada to the IMF, structural adjustment, massive tax increases, and a litany of shady deals.

Some may say he is a master politician. Personally I don’t think so. Winning elections by any means necessary doesn’t equate to a master politician especially in these small island developing states.

Keith Mitchell, given his modus operandi and personality, would have never been able to put himself up for political office in any of the leading democracies of the world. The media would in the words of Terrence Forrester, “Unmask the masked man.”

One of the major problem with politics in the Caribbean is that politicians, especially the Prime Ministers, have too much power because of the weakness of the democratic institutions.

These leaders are able to corrupt the entire system. No institution is realistically independent. Political interference is the hallmark of the day and so the majority of high ranking officials are compromised.
Grenada, like the majority of Caribbean islands, needs inspirational leadership. Keith Mitchell has gone way beyond his time. His best days are behind him. He has exhausted all his ideas, many of which are counterproductive, stifle innovation and creativity.

Mitchell is consumed by his own political survival. Terry Forrester’s description of the Prime Minister is real and factual. He took too long, though, to speak out.

New leadership is woefully needed in St George’s. A much better system of governance is required to save the nation’s youths. The current NNP leadership is a political, economic and social disaster.

The Grenadian society is much too loose. The records from the courts are a manifestation of the level of immorality within the fabric of society. The entire system is a fraud. There is absolutely no leadership on many social issues from the Botanical Gardens.

Keith Mitchell is becoming irrelevant, outdated and out of touch with reality. He should do the right thing and resign from frontline politics.

Dr. Clarice Modeste, Anthony Boatswain, Gregory Bowen and Nicholas Steele must also resign. The Health Minister, although relatively new to frontline politics, has been a disaster and doesn’t deserve another day as a minister.

Nazim Burke has demonstrated the qualities of an excellent leader. He has remained above the ‘gutter politics’ of Mitchell and the NNP. He has stuck to the task while building a viable political organisation. He deserves to be given an opportunity to manage the affairs of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Mitchell is running scared as he realises his own vulnerabilities. The mayhem within the NNP and his failure to deliver on his promises to the electorate has forced him into a corner.

In an effort to strengthen his political position, some believe that he played a role in the downfall of the aging Elvin Nimrod, the party’s General Secretary Roland Bhola and Terry Forrester. Anthony Boatswain and Clarice Modeste may soon get the boot.

Keith Mitchell, in his attempt to reform the NNP and transition from the old guard to new blood, is positioning himself to be the de facto leader of the NNP if and when he decides to bow out.

He is courting new young female caretakers to give him some additional leverage and power within the NNP. These new caretakers are his political stooges and so he is strengthening his hands ahead of any potential fallout within the NNP.

What is clear to everyone is that the NNP is not as cohesive and united as the Prime Minister would like the nation to believe. NNP is a party in disarray.

Terry Forrester must take some credit for speaking out. The million dollar question is how many more senior members of the NNP have the political will to stand up to Keith Mitchell and his political surrogate Peter David ?

The disunity and confusion within the NNP, coupled with the severe economic problems facing the country, have forced the Prime Minister to delay the elections.

The melee over the selection of caretakers in the constituency of South St George and Carriacou and the uncertainty in many other constituencies have put the Prime Minister on the back foot.

The uncharacteristic quietness of the NNP in an election year is an indication that all is not well. The NNP is facing some very serious internal problems.

Whilst the NNP is in disarray, the Nazim Burke-led NDC is very united and ready to move the country forward. The NDC is benefiting from the very serious infighting within the NNP as the party positions itself to take the reins of power from the dysfunctional non-performing NNP.

There are many people within the NNP that privately think that it’s time for Keith Mitchell to go. Many of them are just too coward or frightened to speak out publicly.

Mitchell hasn’t given a decisive commitment that this would be his last elections. He said it ‘may’ be his last. Keith is already in his seventies. Is there anything he can do for the people of Grenada that he didn’t have the opportunity to do in the three terms he has been Prime Minister?

Grenada has been in a very disastrous relationship with Keith Mitchell and the NNP. The country and its people have lost too much. Youth unemployment is approaching 60%, cost of living is sky high, taxes are out of the roof, the health care system is deplorable, schools are crumbling, the national debt remains high, crime and violence are increasing, MPs are non-performing. The country is adrift.

Time for a change of leadership. Grenada needs a new leader and direction. Hope the next general elections would bring about that much-needed change. Too many people are comfortable with the status quo as a result of their own selfish opportunistic ways and sucking the country like parasites, producing absolutely nothing and benefiting much.

Like the referendum, the electorate must take this final opportunity to rid themselves of this ‘ blood sucking’ NNP administration. Look at what the people of Venezuela are going through with Maduro’s dictatorial administration. Over 100 people have lost their lives in their quest for a better standard of living. This is the kind of government the NNP is friendly with. An administration that kills its own citizens.

Do you expect anything better from this NNP government? Think again. Both administrations have the same dictatorial ideology, ask Peter David. He would love to replace one dictator by another.
Grenadians, beware of what is happening in the Spice Isle. The time for the change is NOW. Secure your future and the future of your children by electing a responsible leader in Nazim Burke and the NDC.

Don’t be an accomplice in your own destruction. Be wise and show the world that you are a progressive people. Make the CHANGE. Vote National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Grenadian Class

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