Terry is a joker!!!

I had to laugh at the heading for Dr. Marryshow’s latest load of falsehoods, “Fake News About Venezuela.” Who more fake and biased than Marryshow?

He talks of the “reality” in Venezuela of 8.1 million voting in the constituency election of Sunday, 30th July. Was he there, observing the proceedings? Did he count the votes himself?

He makes no mention of the other reality, as reported in PanAm Post, concerning the voting machines used in the election, belonging to a company called Smartmatic.

At the election on Sunday July 30th 2017 voters did not have to dip a finger in indelible ink to prevent the same person voting multiple times. Emiliana Duarte,an opposition supporter who went to the polling station in El Poliedro, where people from many Caracas districts all voted under one roof, cast her vote in the voting machine and noted that having done so there was nothing to prevent her from voting again.

Marryshow makes no mention of the fact that international observers were refused permission to monitor the election. However, who should be given permission to go as an observer “as part of a mission” but Chester Humphrey! Did he go in his capacity as President of Grenada’s Senate? If so, why? Who paid for his trip? Or did he go because he is a communist, like the Venezuelan government?
Strangely, according to Marryshow, trade union representatives from the US were invited as “impartial observers” to witness the voting process. I would not be able to say how impartial these observers are.

In fact, I must ask Dr. Marryshow if this is really true about the trade union representatives being present. If it is, how come the Venezuelan government is not bragging about it?

Why were no properly qualified and accredited electoral observers from the European Union and Latin American countries allowed to be present? And why were no media representatives allowed within 500 metres of the polling stations?

Marryshow even complains that he did not see CNN, Fox, BBC, New York Times or Washington Post present. That’s because they weren’t allowed to come, Terry! Really, you do need to get your facts straight.

And I wonder if the representative of the New York Nurses’ Association took time off to check out a few hospitals and pharmacies to see for herself the suffering caused by shortages of drugs, dressings, etc.?
Marryshow finishes by saying the Venezuelan government should be left alone to “create social harmony, progress and prosperity for the people of Venezuela.” Well judging by their track record so far, there is little evidence that they can create any such thing!

Another thing that Marryshow makes no mention of is the Venezuelan government’s involvement in the drug trade. Maduro’s wife’s nephews are now serving long sentences in the US for flying a planeload of cocaine to the US (they were intercepted during a stop in Haiti) and a PanAm Post report dated August 11th 2017 quotes an ex captain of the National Guard now requesting asylum in the US who testifies that:

“Nicolas Maduro Guerra, son of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, visited the island of Margarita in the South American country, where the Mexican capo Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman was also located.

The captain of the Venezuelan National Guard, Sunny Balza Dugarte, notes that notorious drug lord

“El Chapo” was on the idyllic Venezuelan isle with his children.

According to the ex-officer, Nicolas Maduro’s son, known as “Nicolasito,” was transporting various “bundles” of apparently illicit substances by means of the military ramp of the International Airport of the Caribbean Santiago Mariño, located on the island.

“The loads were carried out at night by pickup trucks that directly entered the ramps with packages unknown to us, we were unaware of the contents of these loads, because access was very restricted and they did not pass through any type of airport or customs controls,” he said in a television interview with Balza Dugarte.

(By the way, August 13 2017, Maduro’s son Nicolas Maduro Guerra has just issued a threat to take the White House with guns, although he seems to think that the White House is in New York).

With criminals like that in charge of Venezuela what chance is there of them creating social harmony and prosperity for the people of Venezuela, 80% of whom are in open rebellion?

Gregory Thomas

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