The leadership of Nazim Burke

Quiet, almost reserved, Nazim Burke has emerged as the politician best suited to guide Grenada in the next phase of its development. Burke gives life to the saying that the noise in the market is not the sale.

After 18 years of Dr. Mitchell’s flamboyant and bombastic rule, Grenada is riddled with debt, mired in corruption, drowning in unemployment and directionless like a leaf in a whirlpool.

In 3 years, Burke has been able to transform the NDC from a fractious, demoralised party into a united force that is now on the verge of winning the next election to begin the rebuilding of Grenada’s institutions and economy. This transformation could only have come about because of caring, purposeful and visionary leadership.

While Burke has revived his party, Dr. Mitchell has done the opposite to his. Terry Forrester’s unmasking of the Doc is significant only because it was done by a long-time insider, since most Grenadians already knew of the man’s callous, vindictive, manipulative and dictatorial tendencies.

Rather than the reconciler that he pretends to be, Mitchell is simply an opportunist who would join a band of aliens if the end result is political power. He would just as easily dump them if he thought he could make it alone.

Forrester, Jos Whiteman, Ronald Straker, Clifton Paul and Karl Hood have now joined Grace Duncan, Einstein Louison, Malcolm Antoine, Mark Isaac, Devon Rachae and a host of others who have been discarded by the Doc after being considered no longer useful to him.

With Burke at the helm, NDC has been able to re-energise its base, attract new members, and re-integrate former members who were misled by the Termites. All constituency groups are functioning effectively under the expert guidance of arguably Grenada’s best political mind, Glen Noel.

Since Burke’s election to the top post, there has been no fighting or grumbling within the ranks and the NDC is now the ONLY smoothly functioning political party in Grenada.

A major hallmark of Naz’s leadership was the publication of the NDC’s Policy Agenda in September 2016.

That marked the first time in our history that a political party has had the vision to think beyond the 5-year electoral cycle. It is in line with Burke’s mantra that we need to think not only about the next election, but about the next generation.

Since the 2013 setback, the NDC has engaged the people through its People’s Parliament, town hall and pocket meetings, weekly press conference, community walkabouts and a host of other activities.

The caretakers are involved in their communities through sponsorship of educational, sporting and cultural events. None of that could be achieved without the capable leadership that Nazim Burke provided.

Despite Naz’s demonstrated ability to rise to the occasion, there is one “Belly Boog”, driven by personal jealousy and a craving for public attention to feed his massive but fragile ego, who seeks every opportunity to tear Naz down.

Belly Boog uses his keyboard willy-nilly to wage his vendetta against Nazim Burke. He is now in open collaboration with the NNP/Termite coalition in their vain attempts to destroy Burke.

Like a true witch doctor, he has given Naz a failing grade at a task the man hasn’t even been given yet! How can the umpire put out a batsman who hasn’t gone to bat yet?

Not even Burke’s fiercest critic can question his competence and intelligence. Burke has never been investigated, charged or sued regarding illegal or immoral acts. He is a dedicated family man, a captain who goes to bat for his team and a leader who encourages others to step forward and up.

At this critical point in our history, Grenadians have a great opportunity to put our Homeland on the right track. We need enlightened, rational leadership if we are to aspire, build and advance.

Victor Nazim Burke, with his cool head and safe hands, has the necessary leadership qualities to guide the process. Give Grenada a chance; give Naz the opportunity!

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