Road Safety Reminders!

“BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Multiple fatalities in serious accident in Vieille Case”.

So read a popular newspaper in Dominica. That accident resulted in five deaths last Sunday. This brings to mind the need for us to remind ourselves of safety on the road. Therefore, the following are some Road safety reminders:

(1). When driving, especially in mountainous areas, drive slowly. When you are approaching a corner, please slow down enough to turn the corner comfortably. Drive even slower on wet or foggy roads.

(2). Use your horn responsibly, sounding it whenever you come to any point on the road that you cannot see beyond a few yards ahead – blind corners, bends, brows of hills etc.

(3). Please DO NOT drink any alcoholic beverage and drive.

(4). Do NOT argue with other drivers. If a driver wants to pass you, allow him/her to do so whenever you can. Do NOT wilfully prevent a driver from overtaking you. Avoid creating confrontation with other drivers.

(5). Check your brakes regularly. Test brakes before driving. If your brakes fail while driving, the video on youtube entitled, “How to react to brake failure,” provides useful tips to deal with that situation. It includes pumping the brakes to build pressure to slow the vehicle, using your horn to warn other drivers and pedestrians, finding a safe spot to bank or stop the vehicle, and getting the brakes fixed before driving the vehicle again etc.

Of course, there are many other videos online that we can watch for good advice on dealing with brake failure.

(6). Encourage other drivers to practice what is mentioned above.


Simeon James

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