Fed-up with FLOW

I have to write about the way that FLOW has treated its customers over this holiday weekend.

On Sunday morning we turned on the T.V. to watch certain programmes. We discovered that all the channels had been changed and we could not at first get them.

Eventually, we worked out the channels we wanted and were able to watch some of them, but it was a very had start to the day.

FLOW seems to act without any consideration whatsoever of its paying customers. There was no advance notice of these changes, or explanations, and least of all any apology for inconvenience caused – and this was a lot more than inconvenience.

What about some people who could not work out where their channels were? And not all T.V.’s can go up the 200 or over. I think some people’s weekend would have been ruined.

I meant to write before as I am already disgusted with Flow. We are some of the longest running customers, as we signed up as soon as the Cable channels came on, sometime in the nineties. But gradually all the programmes we liked have been removed.

Where are the comedies? When people work a little laughter is good medicine, and helps relax after work.

Where are the E.R. programmes for those who are interested in hospital drama? Where are the exercise programmes for those who need exercise? It is quicker to join in with the t.v than to go to a gym.

Then they took off the FLOW Channel 6, we lost local programmes and especially the last exercise with Lexan Fletcher. We have a lot of people in Grenada with diabetes and high blood pressure, and overweight, and need exercise.

It is time FLOW think of their customers, as they can walk, cancel subscriptions, and look for other ways to get programmes.

H. Sylvester

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