Undemocratic and autocratic leader!!!

It would be quite remise of me if I didn’t take the time off to comment on the recent developments on the political front in “Pure” Grenada.

Firstly, I would like to commend the editors of last weekend’s newspapers. After reading most of them I breathed a sigh of relief…All is not lost!! There are a “few” individuals who can still be classified as persons who can see the bigger picture in certain circumstances and who did not wallow in gossip and derogatory statements especially after “The unmasking of the Mask man”.

It was quite unfortunate that our people had their own pre-conceived ideas as to what Mr. Forrester was going to unmask to the point where he received quite a bashing on Social Media because they claim” He unmasked himself”.

In retrospect, they are right! He unmasked himself as a person who is not only able to admit he is wrong, but as a person who wants to set a positive example to our young people, a person who is loyal to country, a person who will serve his people unselfishly, a person who is dedicated to family and a person who will stand up and speak up for democracy.

Nevertheless, whether we want to admit it or not, our Prime Minister was also unmasked but only to the persons who don’t know him. After all, I’m sure the Executive members of the NNP already knew that Keith Mitchell is a dictator, ungrateful, an uncaring individual, and an autocratic leader whose practices are undemocratic.

The fact that these traits are troubling but not worrying to the general public tells us a lot about our society.

Isn’t it ironic that these were the same sentiments expressed by the Antiguan Prime Minister after the recent CARICOM summit? Are you telling me that both Mr. Forrester and the Antiguan Prime Minister are lying? That they both didn’t ”get want they wanted “and so decided to concoct lies about our “Beloved”

“Prime Minister who can “do no wrong” as far as some of his supporters are concerned?

While in all fairness it is alright to be a loyal supporter, is this the kind of politics that we would want to promote in ‘PURE’ Grenada? Is this the kind of trend we want to continue where one man dictates and everyone just agree? Is this the kind of politics we want to promote where people are afraid to open up their mouths because of victimisation?

If the answer to the above questions is no, then why are we mad at Mr. Forrester for speaking out? Is it because it took him 33 years to do so? Or, as some of his critics claim, “He didn’t get what he wanted so he is bitter?

Does the time it took for him to speak out and the circumstances which led him to do so render his claims null and void? After all, I haven’t heard any member of the NNP speaking up and opposing those claims! Not even the PM himself!! And we all know that he can be very vocal.

One must remember that Keith Mitchell was the one who brought the present issues within the NNP to the public. And now he is quiet? Doesn’t that tell us something? Are we so deafened by all the political rhetoric on the daily radio programmes that we can’t even hear?

Despite the anger we feel because we didn’t hear any juicy stories about “briefcase” and “bubul” within the NNP, we need to really examine ourselves as a people.

The fact that we were so sure that Mr. Forrester was going to “unmask” on these two issues tells us exactly what we think about our “beloved” Prime Minister.

Whether we want to continue to cast offensive statements at Mr. Forrester for not “revealing the secrets”, we have to admit that we believe our Prime Minister is a shady character who cannot be trusted and we were expecting to hear stories that pointed in that direction. That expectation alone speaks volume.

Mr. Forrester really didn’t have to say much more. But for someone who was regarded as the “face” of the NNP for over 30 years to have made these claims should not be taken lightly.

Nevertheless, I must say thanks to Mr. Forrester for not stooping so low to fulfill the appetite of the media and the general public but dealt with the facts as he saw it.

The upcoming elections will be an interesting one. After we finish playing we “ole mas” and make fun of the suffering of others, we need to put aside our differences as a people. We need to be careful not to promote wrongdoings and the making of derogatory statements about individuals.

We need to stop this colour coding where people are either yellow or green. We need to stop voting for party but for individuals who have our country at heart, who are not only there for the elite but for the poor man as well.

Our nation need persons who could represent them in parliament, persons who are not afraid to stand up to any dictator, to any leader, for what is right.

It’s sad but there are few individuals running for office who would fall into that category. We already know of one such person.

As the old people say, “call name, ah go whistle”.

Concerned Citizen

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