Important question for PM Mitchell!!!

Please permit me a space in your weekly newspaper to ask this very important question to the Minister of Finance, who is also the P.M.

Sir, why you will not address the very important issue of the minimum wage?

It has been almost ten years since the people who earned minimum wage have not received an increase in their wages and the cost of living is rising every day.

Sir, if you say you care for the poor people of Grenada how come in almost twenty years as PM of this country you only address the issue of minimum wage only once?

Is this how you want to alleviate poverty in this country. Sir, the high taxation that your administration has introduced on the people has caused massive inflation in this country and because of the high inflation, Grenada is now becoming the extortion capital of the West Indies and you pretend like all is well in Grenada.

Sir, there is a holistic approach to a country’s development, and salary increase is a basic right, not political privilege.

So when it takes ten (10) years to give an increase to anyone who work for a living this is wicked, greedy and selfish.

Sir, it is time that you address the issue of minimum wage on a timely basis so that poor people can meet their basic needs – this is the same people who put you in high office.

Do not look down on them with scorn Mr. PM.

M. John

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