Strange deaths this election season!!!

The Grenada Christian Political Party asks the question – why are there so many strange and questionable deaths occurring in this election season and election year? It seems to be a trend.

The talk on the street is that every election season a certain political party and politicians dive deep into the underworld, obeah, witchcraft and Satanism to become successful at the polls.

It is said that they indulge in bathing in blood and all other sorts of dark practices to achieve their goals. One of this practice is human sacrifice or what we commonly call, selling of souls to the Devil.

G.C.P.P asks the question – is this what we are witnessing with the number of strange and questionable deaths that are occurring this election year?

Deaths of mostly middle aged young men. These men are dying and their families are not satisfied with the cause or reasons for their deaths as reported to them.

We have a police force that generally one will say is a good one, and is on top of crime solving including murders.

However, these recent deaths and the various families dissatisfaction with the causes told to them, leave more questions than answers.

G.C.P.P wants to know if what town is saying is really the truth. G.C.P.P hopes the police truly and honestly solve them to put the families minds at ease.

The human sacrificing, soul-selling, witchcraft, obeah and Satan worshipping that these politicians indulge in when an election comes around, has it arrived? How many more people have to lose their lives because of nasty, low-minded, superstitious, blinded, expired, practicing sinners and politician?

Who for power will kill another human being to appease some low down, nasty Satan to get victory at the polls? Witchful thinking. Shame, shame, shame on you Mr. Politician for stooping so low.

G.C.P.P calls on the population of Grenada to identify who are these wicked politicians and banish them from Grenada, by not giving them a vote in the upcoming elections.

People of Grenada for two long now our sons and daughters of Grenada have been sold to the devil by politicians to win an election. The time has come for this to stop.

G.C.P.P has to report to you the Grenadian people however that the soul-selling ventures of these politicians have gone sadly so to a next level.

These politicians are now telling you to get registered to take the mark of the beast. The number you receive is connected to the multipurpose electronic ID card, they give to you when you get registered, is the mark of the beast with the ID card written of in, Revelation chpt 13:16-18, 14:9-11, 15:2, 16:9,11, 19:20, 20:4.

Those are scriptures that speak about the mark of the beast. Its implementation, its eternal punishment for being unrepentant, victory, repentance, wrath and plagues, judgment of its two main players and the reward for those who were beheaded because they did not partake of the mark of the beast system.

They are giving you the mark of the beast, again selling your soul to the devil. That’s what the politicians of the other political parties are doing to you today. They are selling the people’s souls in mass with the mark of the beast.

Almighty God has raised up G.C.P.P to be formed to contest the upcoming election and winning it to rescue Grenada from the mark of the beast.

The first order of business on G.C.P.P’s agenda when in government is to destroy and end the mark of the beast from Grenada.

G.C.P.P demands that the selling of the Grenadian people’s souls to the devil, whether by strange and questionable deaths, carnival or by the mark of the beast be stopped immediately.

G.C.P.P is fighting for the Grenadian people souls. Join today. G.C.P.P is the only alternative.

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Derick Sealey,
Grenada Christian Political Party

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