As directed by the Heavenly Father:

Pleasant greetings to our fellow Grenadian brothers and sisters at home and abroad.

I am here conveying four mesages from many messages revealed in dreams from our Heavenly Father to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Long ago a few persons had access to the scriptures, at a later stage more persons got access to bibles and read the word.

Today even atheists can shop and purchase bibles, having the word before their eyes and in their hands – could anyone hinder the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s word?

Over ten years ago during 2005 I was sent by the Heavenly Father into a room to object to the present Prime Minister handing over leadership of the NNP to the present NNP caretaker for the town of St. George. The Heavenly Father’s decision overruled.

I was sent to the present Prime Minister during 2007 but was not accommodated, due to the nature of the dream such action means the New National Party would lose the election.

I conveyed this to his secretary and her assistant and NNP lost the election. In opposition, I spoke with the present Prime Minister who mentioned the things I said were true but I never once mentioned the Heavenly Father’s name.

Today I am repeatedly mentioning the Heavenly Father’s name – is it a lie? In leaving he said to me we’ll be in touch. I did not answer but a long time after the Lord revealed to me in dream if I keep in touch with him what he’ll do to me and was shown what his end would be.

So in the dream I cut him off and favoured the National Democratic Congress leader.
At this stage I am sending a strong message to the MP for the St George North-east constituency, Sir the voice you are hearing, is not from a cadaver at SGU but Ashby Charles from Brooklyn, St. John.

Please be informed you need not be concerned to resurrect a man who is alive and well in the hands of the Creator but be concerned of that one who can give life, maintain life and do otherwise.

Finally, the Heavenly Father hath directed this question to a present high-up figure in government.

Have you ever organised, supported and directed a person or persons to destroy or take the life of a citizen or citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique through evil devices?

You must answer Yes or No. You have 14 days to answer (July 17th 2017 to July 31st 2017) or concede completely and vacate your position or the Heavenly Father will reveal himself vividly – no man’s hands are involved.

Ashby Charles

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