Dear Parents and Guardians,

The 2017 July-August school vacation period is here, and we at the Child Protection Authority are hopeful that our nation’s children would spend a colorful and happy vacation.

Because ALL of our children are the hope and future of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, their security should be a priority for each one of us.

In order to ensure our students have a healthy, safe and enjoyable vacation, we are kindly urging you to carry out your role as protectors with love and thoughtfulness by taking heed to the following suggestions:

*Keep them happy: Create a good atmosphere at home. A harmonious and good family atmosphere can improve a child’s inner qualities, develop good habits and is also conducive to healthy growth.

*Keep them learning: Although vacations are all about rest and relaxation, parents should require children to maintain a regular life. Don’t allow them to sit in front of the television set or computer all day. Encourage them to participate in mentally stimulating activities such as reading, educational games, sports etc.

*Keep them safe and secure: Know the whereabouts of your children, as well as whom they are with.

Teach or remind them of the necessary safety tips such as obeying traffic rules, the dangers of playing with fire, staying away from drugs and alcohol, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touches, safety precautions when going for a swim etc. Also, pay close attention to the children around your children.

If you are a working parent/guardian, ensure that your children are left in the care or supervision of responsible persons. If your children will be attending ‘summer’ school or some other form of ‘summer’ program, ensure that they get to and from the venues safely.

*Keep them away from negative influences: Children should not be allowed to log on to/browse unhealthy websites or engage in online conversations with strangers. If necessary, block access to unhealthy sites and give the children a list of approved sites they can visit. Similarly, make a special effort to keep them away from persons and activities that you know will/or can exert an unfavourable influence upon them. And finally,

*Keep them healthy and active: Encourage them to exercise regularly, pay attention to personal, environmental and food hygiene. Ensure that they drink lots of water and eat healthy meals and snacks.

In closing, we do hope you will do all in your power to protect the nation’s future during these coming weeks and that you will be positive and responsible as you take our few suggestions to heart.

Happy Vacations! We wish you success in your work, family life and everything you do.

(The above reflects the views of the Child Protection Authority of Grenada)

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