Wrong for the times

Two high-profile remnants of the Revolution are enjoying themselves; one talks at will and the other walks at will! Those who watch and listen are not amused.

The things that were wrong during the ‘Revo’ were made so by men holding high positions. Today, these remnants of the ‘Revo’ (and others) continue to oil the wheels of ‘wrongness’ in Grenadian politics from their high offices.

The one who has become a bewigged supervisor of the regime is also now a landlord and is no longer “fighting capital”. In fact, it appears true that he now fights for capital in the Senate. Things change! From his elevated seat, he has often challenged his erstwhile comrade to “make the connection”.

The situation was no different recently when he sought to have Senator Burke establish the relevance of his debate then to the Bill before the Senate.The latter seemingly proffered an insufficient justification and was therefore ‘put down’, fairly or unfairly; rightly or wrongly.

The one who walked out thereupon seemed not to care whether his protest action was right or wrong. Better if he had chosen martyrdom by speaking defiantly until he was ejected. The fact that he sits in the Senate as a ‘Public Advocate’, and not as a party representative, was lost upon him. He did not even stop to think that the electorate pay attention to conduct and that optics matter.

Supposedly, he was comfortable walking out as he has vowed to engage the politics on his “own terms”! While it is every man’s right to determine the basis for his actions and omissions, and to be proud of his achievements, the alarm surrounds what Victor thinks about others in the context of a political relationship of leader and follower or leader and citizen.

Together, these remnants of the ‘Revo’ are openly or by discovery introducing new and disturbing features around the upcoming elections.

The one who wears Her Majesty’s imperial wig talked in November 2010, uttering words of division and doom. On the occasion of a Cabinet reshuffle by PM Thomas, Humphrey took to the TV to say, “The Prime Minister must remember that the NDC was elected by a coalition of forces and taking Tourism away from Peter David amounts to an attack on the progressive forces”! Woiiiii!

Come 2018, if Peter is not put in the Cabinet or is not given his preferred portfolio, the NNP will hear from Humphrey. Who in the NNP considered that by accepting ‘Pedro n’ dem’ into the ‘House’, they were entering into a coalition? NDC people did not know that until Humphrey disclosed it ten years later!

Are not the progressive forces still in existence and lodging at a new location since their expulsion from the NDC? How will NNP voters feel at discovering that their party is no longer able to stand on its own?

Did its arrangements for victory in 2013 commence an undetected haemorrhaging that is weakening the NNP’s backbone? Has the other entity in the presumed coalition disclosed its true identity and real objectives?

When Humphrey talks again, a counter-attack will be mounted against the NNP, as happened with the NDC in 2010. That which is wrong in politics cannot be good for the people. Like corruption, political instability is an enemy of development and is very wrong.

For the first time in its history, the NDC is offering Grenada a leader who has declared that he is engaging on his “own terms”, causing the NDC to lose its familiar brand identity of love and family. It has been led into wrong politics and has cultural problems on its hands.

Can anyone persuade Victor to put right the wrong with which he has dangerously equipped himself, in the best interest of the NDC?

There seems to be a common thread with these two comrades, i.e. their wrongs have heart-breaking significance for the Nation. Being well-educated men, they must each be aware of this consequence.

Therefore, why do they multiply wrong?

Did their ‘Stalinisation’ teach them that the others of us are simply ‘the masses’, unworthy of respect and stability? We may not be able to change either of them, but we can certainly show them that they are wrong for the times.

William Joseph

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