How old is the Almighty God?

Have you ever wondered, “How old is God?” Many persons wonder or actually ask that question. How can we know? Since the Holy Scriptures originated with the Almighty God, then it is the course of wisdom to check in the Bible for the answer.

Psalm 90:2 mentions that God is “FROM EVERLASTING to everlasting.” (See also Psalm 93:2) God being “to everlasting” means that God will be living forever; that is, God will always be alive. There will be NO END to God.

“From everlasting” is the opposite of “to everlasting.” Since “to everlasting” means that there is NO END to God, then “from everlasting” means that there was NO BEGINNING to God.
So God was always in existence. He did not have a beginning. All of God’s creation had a beginning, but not God. Genesis 1:1, 27; Job 38:4-7; Acts 17:26. How old is God then? We cannot put a number to God’s age since God has always been alive.

God does not have a definite age. God’s age has NO limit. (Source of foregoing information based on the book: “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” page 15.)

Brianna Patterson

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